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Apply for a free copy of books in the Vitello series by Kim Fupz Aakeson

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LaraMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 01-Aug-13 10:20:33

Meet Vitello - he lives in a terraced house by a ring road where the traffic is noisy and his friends are annoying. In this exciting and quirky new series, Vitello embarks on a series of adventures: Vitello Becomes a Businessman, Vitello Gets a Yucky Girlfriend, Vitello Scratches a Car, Vitello Wants a Dad and Vitello Carries a Knife. Apply for the chance to receive one of the five titles.

If you?re selected to receive a free copy, we do expect you to come back and share your thoughts about the book on the thread.

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 08-Aug-13 11:51:58

The book giveaway is now closed and we're about to mail those who have been chose to receive copies. Don't forget to come back and let us know what your dcs think about Vitello. If you weren't lucky this time, buy the book here.

catz747 Tue 13-Aug-13 21:59:53

I've received my copy of "Vitello Wants A Dad" and read the book to my kids tonight. The books are aimed at 5+ so at 4 mine may have been a little young and they were tired this evening so I will read it to them again in the near future to gauge their opinion again. As twins (but none identical) they were thrilled that the book had twins in it! I loved the ongoing joke where he didn't know which twin he was referring to and how it didn't matter to him anyway.

From my point of view I found the story very down to Earth. It very quickly drew a picture in my mind of what Vitello's life is like & where he lives which I feel people will be able to relate to, children and adults alike. That is, the very normal situation of his surroundings. There's no attempt to make something that isn't there for the sake of the story, it's a normal boy, in a normal area in a normal situation which I feel means that children will really be able to relate to the story. It could help to grow their understanding that not all families are like theirs in terms of family make up.

Vitello, having not met his Dad sets about filling the gap that is having an absent parent, which I've learned in Psychology is a natural process of the mind where someone/something is missing, in this case making a fantasy parent. Vitello actually physically looks for a temporary parent to borrow to show to others and satisfy their curiosity and in addition to get him off the hook in terms of their awkward questions. Questions which he isn't able to answer as his mother gives him little information about his father.

Children can empathise or certainly begin to learn to empathise with Vitello from this story as he sets about filling this gap and attempts to meet his needs. Children of this age 5+ will certainly meet many "Vitellos" at school etc. and this story may equip them maybe to not be so nosy or maybe to simply accept Vitello whatever his situation and whether they perceive him as different.
Well I'm sure that sounds ambitious for a book on its own but I'm sure it will go part of the way in conjunction with messages and lessons from parents and other books etc.

jaamy Wed 14-Aug-13 11:48:46

Received "Vitello Gets a Yucky Girlfriend". Looking forward to reading it with my 2 daughters who have also just moved into a new house and are making friends with neighbours. First impressions of the book are good - big enough so that everyone can see the pictures, yet small enough to be "grown up".
Will report back...

wibblyjelly Wed 14-Aug-13 20:07:44

I received Vitello gets a yucky girlfriend. I'm going to pass it onto my 10 year old niece, but am surprised that it is aimed at 4-5 year olds, due to some of the language. I'm sure my niece will enjoy it though.

littleme96 Thu 15-Aug-13 12:53:28

I received "Vitello carries a knife" and was very surprised that this book is aimed at 5+ years, as it is not a book that I would be prepared to share with my daughter who is of this age. I feel that the language and subject matter is inappropriate for children this age and would better suit a child of around 10.

I like the illustrations and the fact that there is nothing fairy tale about the character Vitello or the characters that he encounters throughout the story and that there is a gritty realism to the story. Having said that I am not impressed by the story itself which is based around Vitello wanting to "be a tough guy, and be rude to everyone and carry a knife".

I'd rather not introduce my young children to this sort of subject at their age to be honest... I'd be interested to see if the other Vitello books are similar, but I can't say I'd be desperate to read them based on this one, certainly not until they are much older.

RippingYarns Thu 15-Aug-13 13:14:39

We got 'Vitello scratches a car'

On first impression it looks very serious. There isn't much fun about the character or story, and I have to agree with PP's who say it's very old to be targetted at 5yr olds.

The poor chap seems to live quite a sad life, this book reads like Eastenders.

And not in a good way.

Jodunne Mon 19-Aug-13 12:03:13

I received a copy of Vitello wants a dad and must admit that my daughters aged 11, 9 and 5 did not like the book. I quite enjoyed it as an adult. I found it very different and was not sure that it was suitable for children. It had a very modern focus and was quite funny but I don't think it's really suitable for children, maybe a 13 year old would quite enjoy it though.

rennie1811 Mon 19-Aug-13 21:18:29

I received 'Vitello scratches a car' I sat down with my six year old to read it for her bedtime story. The book is more 'real' than normal childrens books and I worried about reading some parts to her. I actually edited some out as I read it to her and was lucky as she was so tired she wasn't reading along like she usually does. I don't really think this is for a 5yo and agree with some other posters who stated around 10. Funnily enough even though I was unsure of the book my daughter asked for it again the next night and my husband not having heard it the night before read it straight through. He did think some parts were not the best for a 6yo but to be honest my daughter didn't really notice. She really enjoyed the book. She liked the pictures and we had a chat afterwards about how running away was not the best thing to do if you did something wrong. All in all whilst my daughter wants to read the other Vitello books I am not too sure. I think I would want to read them myself before buying another one.

RememberYoureAWomble Fri 23-Aug-13 12:24:42

I received "Vitello scratches a car". I've read it myself and am in two minds as to whether to read it to my 6 year old DS or not. I think he may be a bit young and I actually didn't enjoy the story very much myself.

jaamy Tue 27-Aug-13 10:22:27

This is a funny one...the book is designed to look like it might be suitable for 5+ with pictures and page size to suit that age but the wording was innappropriate.
We had "Vitello Gets a Yucky Girlfriend". Quite apt, I thought as we have just moved house. My 7 year old and 9 year old read it together and, as others have said, I think it was more suited to my 9 yo. However, she would never have chosen this for herself off the bookshelf as it does look like it should be for younger children.
7yo DD re-read it a couple of times and said she really liked it but that might have been just because we were camping at the time and it was the only book she had with her!!
They have both expressed an interest in reading other Vitello books but even the 9yo struggled with the choices - she didn't want one about knives or not having a dad or getting into trouble about scratching a car! Definitely books to read WITH children if and when they face these things in real life.

LLW Mon 02-Sep-13 08:45:51

I received Vitello Scratches a Car and agree with many of the comments above. I read it to my 5 yr old son and while he liked the illustrations, I found the language inappropriate in parts and too 'edgy' for my taste. Would not buy another one for this age group

Quangle Wed 04-Sep-13 23:24:13

I actually bought Vitello Scratches a Car after reading a recommendation for it on Amazon. I wish I hadn't. I won't be reading it to my son. I liked the illustrations and the slightly anarchic nature of the story but there were bits that I just didn't like and concepts I didn't want to introduce to my child. I actually threw it away so can't remember the details but mum seems a bit on the edge and I think Vitello runs away or gets threatened with a children's home or something. Not right for my 4 yo.

poppy990 Sat 05-Oct-13 15:20:33

I received Vitello scratches a car and my boys aged 4 and 6 both seem to like it - they have often chosen it as their bedtime reading.

missk9 Tue 22-Oct-13 21:59:24

I received Vitello Scratches the Car... I read this to my 7 year old.. some bits were funny and she enjoyed, however i felt myself stopping a lot to explain that this is not real and certain things werent very nice. I do not Smack my children and this book commented on him being smacked that i found totally unnecessary. Its a shame as these books could have read so well, but like someone said above it was like a boy from east enders haha

Reebs123 Sat 27-Dec-14 21:52:52

Vitello becomes a businessman.
Vitello reminds me of Horrid Henry and most kids his age, thinking up ways to make money. He wants to become a millionaire and sets out to "buy low and sell high". This is a funny story and made my daughter laugh.

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