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Apply for free copy: The Fairybell Sisters: Silver and the Fairy Ball by Margaret McManama

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 18-Jul-13 11:59:46

The first book in a great new series for all fairy believers which invites you into the world of Tinkerbell pre-Never Land. Find out what she gets up to with her fairy sisters on Sheepskerry Island long before she meets up with Peter Pan. If you know someone who will enjoy this book, apply for a free copy and come back to let us know what they think.

creambun Mon 09-Sep-13 15:07:25

My 6 and 8 year old daughters both read this book and really enjoyed it. They said they would definitely recommend it to others. I was hoping to read it as a bedtime story but my 6 year old was so excited about it she declared it was her book and she was going to read it herself. She really enjoyed it and was very keen to sit and read it. She said her favourite character was Squeak and she has already told me she would like to read more books about the characters.

The book is well-presented and very appealing. There aren't too many words on each page and there are lovely illustrations and borders so it's ideal as a first chapter book and makes a nice change to the Rainbow Fairies!

serendipity1980 Sat 07-Sep-13 12:41:27

My 5yr old son and 3yr old girl loved having this book read to them, they kept asking for it at bedtime. For me, I wasn't so keen on the tone of the book in the beginning and how the author addressed the reader, it just didn't feel right, but I think for children it is fine. The book settled down and they wanted to find out what happened. My husband read the end to them, so I don't know how that ended, but I would say for the children it was enjoyable, even for boys!

MelindaWarren Thu 05-Sep-13 23:27:24

I was delighted to receive this book as I expected my DDs (5 and 8) to love it. We took it on holiday and DH got to read it to them. They seemed to really enjoy it and were particularly pleased with the recipe - we must try it soon! Thanks for the book.

Itsaburrdiee Mon 02-Sep-13 21:51:45

My newly turned five year old loved this book. We read a chapter a night at her request. The characters entranced her and the plot line kept her entertained.

We will look out for more of these.

Crinklecut Sat 31-Aug-13 08:01:47

my DD is absolutely loving this book, she has just started reading by herself at bedtime, and persuading her to put the book down and go to sleep is proving a challenge as she is so engrossed in the story. She loves the characters especially Silver, and takes great pleasure in explaining the story to me each morning, using the illustrations to help her the map.
It is great to have an engaging chapter book, which she feels confident to read on her own. Thank you for this copy, we shall be waiting for the next instalments in the series.

Periwinkle007 Mon 19-Aug-13 23:23:33

As we seem to be running behind everyone else with this book I have read it to the kids rather than wait for my 5 year old to read it herself (she is capable of it but it would have taken some time obviously)

After an initial 'discussion' with the 4 year old about how Tinkerbell could possibly have other sisters given that Periwinkle was her sister and so on we eventually managed to get started on the story. Madam did pipe up a few times that it was just a story as Peri is Tink's sister so I think that caused her some confusion.

The girls loved the map and the short chapters made it very easy reading. Our 5 year old will probably happily read this herself now that she realises she can and it isn't as daunting as many of the chapter books. They loved hearing the details about the dresses and the younger one in particular could identify with 'not being old enough yet'.

I think we will be needing to order the next book now as we all enjoyed it.

Thank you for the free copy. I will post a review on my children's book blog too.

Lexiesinclair Mon 19-Aug-13 11:14:52

My DD enjoyed this book too. She liked the conversational style mentioned earlier and the cake recipe at the back (which we will get round to making one day!). She found the descriptions of the fairies' dresses rather long winded but on the whole really enjoyed the book, and I'm sure we'll be reading the others.

Stropzilla Wed 14-Aug-13 14:34:56

My 5yo DD loved this! It even went to Nannas with her, where they made Silvers cake (it was gooood!) . I found it easy to share with her, it was easy for her to understand without being patronising, or making me want to hit my head against a wall repeatedly until I lost consciousness (looking at you, Mr.Men books). We will be buying the rest.

greenhill Wed 14-Aug-13 14:30:24

My 6 yo DD read it four times the first afternoon, then took it to bed and slept with it under the pillow. She enjoyed it so much, she didn't even want me to touch the book and I had to wait a few days to get a look at it, when I read it to her as a bedtime story. It even came with us on a day out.

She particularly liked the map of Sheepskerry Island at the front of the book, and chattered in Squeak speak for a few days too. DD got upset about the reaction to Silver personalising her sisters dresses (because she was only trying to help); and felt involved in all aspects of the story, especially the not being old enough to do certain things. She loved the magic of the narwhal horn and was excited to discover that spells protected fairy houses.

I'd have loved reading this at age 6 too: when the yearning to be a fairy and the desire to fly and have wings is so strong. As an adult (and definitely not the target audience) I found it a bit stereotypical with its emphasis on cakes, fashion and parties, so was pleased that the sensible message about practical clothes and shoes was emphasised by the fairies being unable to help themselves when they were under attack from the trolls.

My DD definitely wants to read more about Silver and her sisters.

gazzalw Tue 13-Aug-13 12:44:32

We read it to DD as a bedtime story (we get thro' books at a rate of knots at bedtime in this house!).

DD loved it but as it was full of all the things that she loves - fashion, dressing up, parties, scrummy cakes - she would! She could also really identify with Silver's 'not quite old enough..' issues - she is considerably younger than her older brother and often announces that "it's not fair..." that she's not allowed to do/go to things that he can....

Reading it as a Dad though, I did find it way out of my comfort zone. DW and I try to encourage the children to listen to and read non-gender stereotypical books. This is just so girlie ;-(. It is very much in the same ilk as the Rainbow Fairy series....Slightly formulaic too...

Nevertheless, the main thing was that DD loved it and is looking forward to reading the next one in the series (I do like this idea of including the first chapter of the next book at the back...).

Oh and on a positive note, DD is good at reading but doesn't really like it very much - she has always (and still does) prefer picture books. She is a confident and competent reader but doesn't like the density of text in a lot of paperbacks....This book was good in having shortish chapters, pictures and relatively large text - she didn't find it off-putting...

Yasmin1 Mon 12-Aug-13 17:26:40

My daughter too, loved this book. She had so many questions about fairies & wondered why she could not see them!!
Great read.

lorka Sun 11-Aug-13 23:16:12

I finished reading this to my daughter (7yrs) tonight. She loves fairy books and really enjoyed this one. She was excited to find out what was going to happen next in the book and also liked looking at the pictures, especially the birthday cake at the end. She now wants a cake with several tiers for her next birthday!! grin
She definitely wants to read the next book in the series!
Thanks for sending us the book to read. gringrin

AugustRose Sat 10-Aug-13 09:23:07

We have finished the book and DD2's (6) response is that she:

Loved it loved it loved it!

I thought the conversation style was good too, it made the reader part of the story which we liked. We also liked the 'Squeak' words and cake recipe at the back, which DD is insisting we make. Will defintely be looking for the next book.

muffinheaven Fri 09-Aug-13 23:11:43

My dd has just finished this book. She really loved it, it was very well written and shes looking forward to reading the next one!

dippywhentired Thu 08-Aug-13 19:14:49

This arrived just in time for DD's 6th birthday and she loves it. It's a 'proper' book, but the text size and pictures make it less daunting than some other books. The story so far has her gripped and I'm sure she'll want the next book in the series too.

Crinklecut Mon 05-Aug-13 09:36:09

Arrived back from holiday to find my copy. Can't wait to get started on it with my dds

Macdog Sun 04-Aug-13 18:07:39

I agree with the people commenting on the conversational style. It draws you into the story, as opposed to being a spectator.
I also like the way that the story leads the reader forward with hints of what is to come, for example the mention of trolls in Chapter 11

Dd is 7, and thoroughly enjoyed the book. I suspect I'll be investing in the rest of them too!

Stropzilla Sat 03-Aug-13 10:08:47

Chapter 3. Best. Chapter. Ever.

As you were.

Periwinkle007 Fri 02-Aug-13 21:31:44

chapter 3 is the 'I am glad you chose to turn the page'

we haven't read it yet but I was flicking through and liked that bit.

chaosisawayoflife Fri 02-Aug-13 18:08:46

Ours has arrived and dd and I are enjoying reading it together. So far dd likes the conversational narrative style, especially the end of chapter 2 into chapter 3 (I think, I don't have it to hand) where it asks if you want to read about a naughty fairy, and then the next page says something like 'I'm glad you chose to turn the page.'
Will come back with a full review when we've finished it.

bettybooboo1 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:50:15

Ours has arrived. DD very excited about being chosen and loved it.

Eirwen Fri 02-Aug-13 11:29:05

Mine also came yesterday. We began reading last night and I must say it seems a bit more wholesome than the Rainbow Fairies so far! Thanks very much.

greenhill Thu 01-Aug-13 17:09:04

Mine came today too. My DD hasn't put it down all afternoon.

SisterMatic Thu 01-Aug-13 16:13:49

Mine came today too...many thanks

TerraNotSoFirma Thu 01-Aug-13 16:10:40

Copy received today, thank you.

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