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what am I doing wrong, how do I find application form for summer book giveaway?

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soontobesolo Tue 10-Jul-12 10:57:04

I can't find the application form for the summer book giveaway anywhere and haven't applied before so don't actually know how to. I received an email yesterday saying the application would go live at 10am but where exactly do I find the link?

NoraHelmer Tue 10-Jul-12 12:52:06

The link is on the email you got from MN. If you go back to the email you got and then click on the link, it should take you to the forms for the individual books.

soontobesolo Tue 10-Jul-12 14:30:27

Thanks for your reply Nora. OK my problem was, I was looking at the email in a webmail form that didn't show any embedded images or all the links (some were shown eg for the Amy Waldman book hence why I didn't realise that was the problem). Have applied for the books I want now so thanks again!

littlewifey Fri 13-Jul-12 21:00:15

Have the emails been sent out to the winners of the July books yet?

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