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Book Giveaways - May

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-May-12 19:42:01

Our May bookgiveaways are: The Making of Us by Lisa Jewell who is going to be joining us for a Q&A later in the month, The Playdate by Louise Millar, The Henry Experiement by Sophie Radice, The Singing Mermaid by Julia Donaldson and, for those who need to make life a little easier in order to have time to read a novel, Calmer, Easier, Happier Parenting by Noël Janis-Norton. Noël is going to be joining us for a live webchat on 11 June to discuss the book and answer your questions.

The forms are all live now (sorry about the glitch blush, we'll endeavour to get it right next month) and we'll email to let you know over the next day or two if you've been lucky.

aliciaflorrick Wed 16-May-12 19:57:45

So if I'm clicking on the links and they're going through to Amazon does that mean all the books are taken or that there is something wrong - I was expecting some kind of form to fill out.

seabuckthorn Wed 16-May-12 20:00:48

Same as Alicia I'm confused!

gazzalw Wed 16-May-12 20:10:43

GRRR that took about 40 minutes to get anywhere and feel sure that I haven't got a single book - what a waste of nearly an hour......! Yikes!

seabuckthorn Wed 16-May-12 20:13:13

So if it goes Amazon does that mean we didn't get a look in?

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-May-12 20:18:34

No, they forms are still open. The link under the book title takes you to amazon but the link under where it says '50 copies to give away' will take you to the book giveaway page with the form to enter your details. We're sorry some of you have found this process a bit exhausting, which wasn't helped by the fact the forms went live 30 mins late, but hopefully you'll get the hang of what to do for next month.

gazzalw Wed 16-May-12 20:23:41

Maybe everyone gave up in dismay....Ironically I should have been reading bedtime stories too! Heyho...we live and learn!

aliciaflorrick Wed 16-May-12 20:33:28

Am I being thick? I can't even see "50 free copies to give away" in the email - is there another post somewhere with that on? I bet I've missed them all now anyway.

fivegomadindorset Wed 16-May-12 20:36:36

Where does it say 50 books to gove away?

wonderwooman Wed 16-May-12 20:42:56

Can;t see it either!

OvO Wed 16-May-12 20:54:16

The 50 copies link is in the book club email not on here.

Tee2072 Wed 16-May-12 20:58:51

Rachel, the links in your OP go directly to Amazon, not the book give away page. Is it suppose to go to Amazon?

Emmyem Wed 16-May-12 22:08:35

I'm joining the club of people who can't see the '50 copies link' !

Tee2072 Wed 16-May-12 22:24:45

Apparently it's in the book club email. Not sure why it's not in this OP.

Must say, not impressed.

aliciaflorrick Wed 16-May-12 22:28:14

I'm disappointed, also for some reason the newsletter stopped coming to me.

clux73 Wed 16-May-12 22:30:32

Why do I not get the newsletter even though I should??

MsMarple Wed 16-May-12 23:09:53

I clicked through from the book club email to the calmer happier parenting book, but the page says:

"This form is currently private and cannot be viewed by the public."

I'm logged in so what do I have to do in order to see it please, or am I too late? Goodness knows I have much need of some calm and easy advice right now!

gazzalw Thu 17-May-12 07:33:39

Oh dear....I thought the system had crashed thro' volume of Mumsnet traffic at 7.00 pm. Luckily DW was doing bedtime stories.... normally of a week day I wouldn't be home from work by then and DW would not have delayed bedtime stories by nearly an hour....

Voidka Thu 17-May-12 07:48:34

I cant make it work either.

NoraHelmer Thu 17-May-12 07:58:20

Just a thought here, MN, but maybe the book giveaway could be at 7.30 or 8.00 instead of 7.00 as most of us are putting children to bed at 7pm.

Tee2072 Thu 17-May-12 08:36:27

Okay, found my email. It doesn't work.

magentastardust Thu 17-May-12 09:12:04

I tried for about half an hour or so but kept getting "this form is private and not for viewing by the public " message.
Can I get a copy of the playdate please for keep trying smile

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-May-12 09:49:46

The books have all gone now and the forms are all now closed (Sorry megentastardust, they closed just before you posted).

We're listening to all your ishoos and concerns about how the book giveaways work and are going to figure out a system which we'll put into practice next month which we hope will be more convenient and ensure everyone has a chance to access the books. This said, do bear in mind that 250 people will be getting free books this month so it's not all bad smile

With regard to receiving the newsletter; make sure you're signed up to receive the bookclub newsletter, check that we have the right email address for you and also check your spam and junk folders in case it's been filtered.

As soon as we have a concrete plan as to how it's going to work next month, we'll post guidelines up here.

gazzalw Thu 17-May-12 16:31:46

You could consider just randomly deciding on a time (but it would be different from month to month) so it covers all types of Mumsnetters from the unsocial hours workers, to SAHMs, to those with older children, those with younger children, the insomniacs... No time will ever suit everyone....

Or you just do a lottery system - give people a couple of hours time frame in which to express interest and randomly pick from the pre-selected lists...

Oh dear - don't envy you making a decision at Mumsnet HQ RachelMumsnet!

Abcinthia Fri 18-May-12 18:48:57

Have the emails for the winners of the giveaway been sent yet?

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