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The bloggers's support and blathering thread

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DillyTante Sun 19-Feb-12 22:01:16

I thought I would start off a new thread based on a comment by Queen Maeve on another thread, which I completely agree with. In the beginning, the bloggers' chat thread was just that, we chatted, shared links, tips and exchanged views on each others' blogs. Now it has become a bit 'post and run' sort of a one way street really.

While I think that has it's place, as I like to have somewhere to go to pick out new blog posts, I miss the chat and the community, so I am deeming this a chat/support/blather thread. Posts and running will only be tolerated in extremis from regular contributors. Otherwise we shall glare at you via our screens.

So, I'll kick off: how's your blogging going? I hit 101 posts today! That's since July. What sort of numbers are you averaging?

I was really inspired by Latte Lady's post here, and have decided I need to make my blog more instructive, rather than just bumbling around going "oh look, I made this, it's really easy, I bet you could do it too" and sticking a couple of instagrammed photos in. And I want to be more passionate and more interesting. I want to branch out a little, but I'm worried about putting off any followers I do have who follow me for my niche which is mainly crafting.

Blogging has also made me think a bit more seriously about writing. I have always enjoyed writing but never pursued it in anger. I did NaNoWriMo and loved it, but I think that blogging has shown me that if I am going to give writing ago, I don't think fiction is my thing. I'd like to write features. I currently have complete career envy of Perri Lewis. She craft blogs for the Guardian and writes on Mollie Makes and Psychologies. She get to write about craft and psychology, that is what I want to do!

SweetestThing Sun 19-Feb-12 22:10:12

Hello Dilly - good idea.

My blogging is going okay - I notice a spike in the number of hits when I post here, on FB or on Twitter that I have published a new post. Those days I get around 100 hits, on slower days it is usually around 40. I've only recently started linking the blog to FB and Twitter, so it may change the numbers.

My blog is about how I am dealing with having a cancer dx, treatment and now the news that I am in remission, and also about dealing with facial palsy, which is a result of the cancer treatment, so it tends to be an account of what I've been up to, how I'm feeling, how I'm measuring progress. I'd like to make it a bit more zingy, with pictures and links etc but probably need to sit down and figure out how to do that (techno-numpty....).

Like you, blogging has made me think about writing. Also like you, I don't think fiction is my thing - I'm not nearly imaginative enough! I'd quite like to see if there's a chance my blog could somehow be published but have no real idea how to go about it. I enjoy the writing process and find it quite easy to let the word flow, but that's because I just empty my thoughts onto the screen and don't have to think about what I'm going to write!!

MmeGuillotine Sun 19-Feb-12 22:12:29

My writing really took off after I started my blog - I've been writing novels since I was about fifteen but never really took it seriously or thought anyone would actually want to read my work until I got into the whole blogging thing. It's going brilliantly now though - I'm selling about a thousand books a month and can mostly give up my job and concentrate on writing instead which wasn't even a daydream in the past as it seemed so unlikely to ever happen! smile

Um, as to the numbers that my blog is averaging, I'm getting about 3,500-4,000 page views a day at the moment. There's quite a few hot topics on there that's bringing them in. I'm not complaining, just feel a bit pressured to 'perform' I suppose. I don't think I am naturally very good at blogging, you see and I'd love to be able to do all the crafty stuff that you do. smile

DillyTante Sun 19-Feb-12 22:37:25

By numbers I meant how many posts do you average. But if we are sharing, mine are similar to TheSweetestThing, around 40 or so when I'm quiet. 100-200 on good days. I'd like to do google analytics, though not sure how.

MmeG, your success is amazing. Crafting does lend itself well to blogging as its very visual and you can share ideas, tutorials etc. I imagine that it is harder to come up with topics for yours, but you obviously do I great job.

MmeGuillotine Sun 19-Feb-12 22:50:12

I gave up on Google Analytics recently as I didn't really know what to do with the information. I'm not really into working with PR people, reviewing products or attracting advertising though so all that sort of thing isn't really relevant to me. smile

I've written um 966 posts. Christ. Well, clearly I'm coming up with some ideas along the way... ;)

QueenMaeve Sun 19-Feb-12 23:42:30

My blog was a year old on Friday! It was funny looking back at my first post. It was a bit 'hello is there anybody out there?'. I really feel I've gotten the hang
Of things a bit better. I try to be as instructional as I can and take pics as I go along. I really can't believe how my blog has been such an incentive to get stuff done. I've made far more little bits and pieces for the house because of the blog. I'm not very good at the writing bit and feel a bit self conscious when I do more wordy post. A lot of people I know read it now which is a bit inconvertible at times. So that's how things are at the minute.
Mme& Dilly I love both your blogs. Sweetest thing I'm going to have a read at yours now.

Flubba Mon 20-Feb-12 09:46:01

I'm really enjoying blogging but certainly don't have the follower numbers you lot have. I only started in December and have written 30 odd posts now, and currently getting about 40 views a day. I don't 'do' Twitter or FB so it's basically mainly views from search engines and about 1/4 of views are from MN.
I'm doing it predominantly to keep track of the various things I do/make and how to do them again. I had started doing a paper version for myself at home, but realised a blog is a much more visual (and less likely to get lost!) version of what I was doing smile
I don't have a knack for writing but have plans in the long future (2017 to be precise) to travel with my kids and DH around the world for a year, so thought a travel blog would be a way to record what we're doing and experiencing, and keeping in touch with 'back home' while we're away.

kej75 Mon 20-Feb-12 10:37:01

Hi, this seems a great idea. I've been blogging for a whole year today, and have only done 76 posts. I don't have a huge following, so some days I may ony get 5 fews. I average about 30 views depending on what I've posted.

I write about my PND, so some people may find it a bit much. Its quite personal to help me try and make sense of what is happening. I am also hoping to highlight PND and all mental illnesses and try and be a help to others who are suffering and also help no sufferers understand a bit more.

I'm fairly new to the mumsnet blogging so will be good to try and get to know more people.

Just a quick question how do you 'showcase' your blog on here?


SallyDon Mon 20-Feb-12 10:42:14

I have been guilty of post and run, mainly due to frazzlement. I blog about parenting children adopted from the care system, infertility, education, identity etc which all sounds worthy and dull but hopefully isn't. I write about related TV programmes and books, education and sometimes bread-making.

I've been blogging since last summer to try and promote a book which publishers generally like but are wary there isn't enough of a market for. I use twitter a lot and have found a 'tribe' there.

I get between 300 and 40 hits a day and it's been a real process of trial and error. I'm less worried about the stats now though. I really enjoy blogging and tweeting, it has rescued me from tedium and isolation and I've connected with some interesting people.

I enjoy reading blogs and generally find them through twitter.

Great idea for a thread by the way. Will try harder.

notbiginjapan Mon 20-Feb-12 10:59:15

Hi, I've never really got into the discussion boards before but thought this was a good thread to start.

I blog about news and pop culture but I've been so busy lately I'm not posting enough so I feel like there are quite big gaps on my blog for something that is supposed to sync up with current affairs. Oh well.

I find twitter, facebook and comments on other blogs are the best way to get traffic but I don't get a huge amount of subscribers - mostly because a lot of my readers are people in my extended social circle irl and not necessarily that big into blogging per se.

Does anyone else find traffic just doesn't translate to subscription for them?

polkettle Mon 20-Feb-12 11:28:12

Well I've just finished my blog entry for the day so nice to come and join you with my cup of tea.
I blog about children's books and only started in January-34 posts so far I think-Really it's a way of reengaging my brain, with both kids now at school and to stop me playing so much Scrabble on Facebook ;)
I'm trying to post every weekday- but that may be too ambitious for long term sustainability. I'm getting about 30+ 'hits' a day- most of them probably my friends- more if I participate in a Kidlit community 'meme'.
I enjoy it- and have to keep reminding myself that this is for ME not for any world domination- as I started to get discouraged by the many people who have been doing it much longer and better than me! It's easy to get swept up in your own cyberspace bubble of self importance. I spent too long during half term worrying about my inability to post because of actually needing to be with my kids... Like anyone really caredsmile Don't worry. I'm getting a grip.

ReallyRachel Mon 20-Feb-12 11:52:34

Hello I'm a newbie blogger and this is my first time using the chat on mumsnet but seemed like a good place to start. My blog just turned one month old and so far I've written about 43 posts. Some days I'll write a couple some days I'll write none LOL. I'm a busy mum of 4 but 3 are in fulltime school, in fact my eldest has just gone on his first overnight school trip. I'm trying to use google analatics but as I'm such a newbie I'm still learning how to do everything. I love the blogs where they have all their little links for facebook, twitter etc on the top of the page but no idea how to get them. I'm also still breastfeeding my youngest and she always decides when I sit down with the laptop then that's the perfect time to nurse LOL

ReallyRachel Mon 20-Feb-12 12:09:34

Does anyone else struggle to use twitter? I prefer facebook myself but I read that twitter is very popular, I also think I have to follow everyone who follows me on twitter but then my feed just seems to be full of competition entrys! I do have my facebook and twitter account linked so anything I post as my facebook page is shared via twitter and I'm trying to post more often as my page, as though it was my personal page although without as much personal details

polkettle Mon 20-Feb-12 12:10:52

now I feel really slack- that's very impressive ReallyRachel!

polkettle Mon 20-Feb-12 12:13:54

I keep on meaning to subscribe to Twitter...but worry that it'll just distract me further from Life. I've just joined Pinterest which I think is really Twitter for Girls- I have wasted hours gazing in fascination at pages of artery hardening cake recipes and diverting photos of kittens dressed as Pikachu etc.

ReallyRachel Mon 20-Feb-12 12:21:17

Thanks Polkettle. My kids love books so I will go have a look at your blog. Their favourite is A Squash and a Squeezeby Julia Donaldson and its good because the rhyme repeats my 5yr old reads that with us and now my 6yr old likes reading it to us!!! I have twitter on my phone but I just can't get into it like I did facebook and I've read some really good getting started blogs which have helped as well

GingerEm Mon 20-Feb-12 14:32:57

Hello Ladies! It's so interesting that this is the discussion today- im ashamed to say that I'm hardly ever on here- I too tend to just post and go! I started blogging about 10 months ago, but regularly from a bout last September. I blog about life with 5 children, the big and the small stuff. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's not.
The thing is, I wonder where I'm going with it, and why I do it. I really enjoy it, and get a lot of good verbal feedback (although I DO wish friends would comment more in the blog!). I probably get about 100 views a day when I post, about half that when I don't. I'm not good at 'getting it out there' I really don't know where to start. I would LOVE to think that some day I would publish something or write for a magazine or even try my hand at a book but that's so far removed from my reality right now that it's almost ridiculous....
I'm going to go now and take a nosy and some of your blogs - they sound fabulous so im hoping to come away inspired rather than intimidated! Em
PS-Oooooooh- meant to say, I'm thinking of tweeting too!

GingerEm Mon 20-Feb-12 14:48:33

Still trying to do a public profile page but my blog is just in case you wanted to take a look.

trulymyrtle Mon 20-Feb-12 17:26:18

Hi everyone - I am a very newby blogger - truly myrtle is just over 2 weeks old!

I blog about my sewing and knitting mostly, stuff I make. I have four kids and a lot of what I make is for them, but I love selfish knitting and sewing too!

My aim is to figure out how I can turn my crafting into a job - I thought I'd start with this and see where it takes me. OMG I am having sooooo much fun. Sod the housework. The house is a tip, the meals are late and scrabbled together, but at least I am enjoying myself....

No, seriously, how do you fellow bloggers find that all so oft talked about "balance"????

DillyTante Mon 20-Feb-12 19:28:40

Thanks all for joining the thread.

Rachael, what blog host are you using? I use Wordpress & you add the share buttons via your widgets.

As for twitter, I love it! Honestly, I was a complete skeptic, but it is a great way of sharing information. Do give it a go, it's a great way of networking.

Sally, what is your book like? It's about adoption isn't it? Have you thought about self publishing?

Flubba, I think the writing improves with practice. Did you know you can turn your blog into a book? Best to do it when you have been doing it for a while, but it's a good way of preserving it.

kej75 Mon 20-Feb-12 19:51:15

Hi, its good to read about other's experinces, but how do I find everyone's blog/twitter/facebook page? It is probably really simple, but I can't work it out.

Thank You!

ReallyRachel Mon 20-Feb-12 20:00:50

I'm using blogger and I have the little share box at the bottom plus wigets for facebook page and twitter but I like the little boxes I've seen some small square ones at the tops of some blogs and they look cool. You can see my blog at My blog doesn't have a theme, just my ramblings and stories of my kids, plus I'm an extended breastfeeder so I throw in some of that as well LOL

I did write a children's book many many years ago when I wasn't much older than a child myself as I used to LOVE writing stories and had so many idea's floating about LOL

ReallyRachel Mon 20-Feb-12 20:04:37

My eldest went on his first overnight school trip today, seems so quiet without him!!!

PetiteRaleuse Mon 20-Feb-12 20:06:46

Hello everyone. Long time, no chat. I went back to work in January and I no longer have the energy time to blog every day. I have also been guilty of posting and running, something I used to whinge about dislike before when other people did it blush

I have also been abandoning my twitter feed - as I work in Luxembourg but have a French phone due to the roaming charges I spend very little time on Twitter now.

My blog is over three years old, but I have been more regular about posting since last summer.

I started posting regularly to force myself to write. I am currently writing a book about happiness (non fiction) and have a couple of germs of ideas for fiction, which are a long way from being completed. But that's fine.

What I like about blooging is that my blog is very ranty, whereas in real life I am not very ranty at all. I sometimes wonder what people must think of me when I go on and on about politics or the press. But as long as people read and comment and interact I am pretty happy.

Tee2072 Mon 20-Feb-12 20:10:54

Hi all

I actually stopped posting on the weekly thread because I missed the chatter!

I write at Tee's Blog about my mental and physical health issues, being an American in Belfast and my 2.8 year old son, who I had when I was 40. I've been blogging for about 3 years but do it totally for me so haven't even gotten 10,000 views yet. I'll hit that sometime this year.

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