How dad's roles are crucial in their child's emotional intelligence

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tinatsarina Sat 06-Mar-21 01:52:28

How dad's can help build and support their child's emotional intelligence

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RicardoBertora Sat 06-Mar-21 15:42:15

Hello, I enjoyed your blog, you are spot on, a father's role is much more ingrained in today's society. I'm a hands on father myself and you do see a lot fathers these days out with their kids which is a joy to behold. And gives mum a much needed break too!

I think especially in today's world though, emotional intelligence for kids is vital. So thanks for the blog. smile

tinatsarina Sat 06-Mar-21 23:17:19

Thank you for taking the time to read it. I feel sometimes dad's get a hard time, they're accused of doing very little with their children and when they do mum gets frustrated because it's not how she does it. Dad's need the space and time to properly bond with their children

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NiceGerbil Sat 06-Mar-21 23:31:58

Couple of questions.

What of single parent families? Where the woman has the child and the dad is not around or is not reliable?

What of families where the dad is of the old school, as it were?

tinatsarina Sun 07-Mar-21 15:19:36

@NiceGerbil hi I get what you're saying. I suppose I could specify that in this case, I was looking specifically at the father's influences. Research does show that present and available dads are incredibly beneficial to their child's emotional development. mothers can also build and support this development but as my post suggests father's and mothers have different ways of influencing this, however, it does not mean that one way is more or less better than the other.

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FactsAndFigs Sun 14-Mar-21 11:22:56

I just read you blog

are you open to honest feedback?

tinatsarina Sun 14-Mar-21 21:46:52

@FactsAndFigs yes I need to know if I should change anything around to make it more pleasing to people

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