Middle name what goes with elizabeth

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Flowers95 Wed 03-Mar-21 21:24:39

I love the name Elizabeth and I've chosen it as a first name but not sure what goes with it. Our surname is Holmes but I'm not sure what middle name to use. All our family like Royal sort of names but I don't know if them names would go well with it. Would Elizabeth Charlotte Holmes or Elizabeth Charlotte Mary Holmes work? Thanks.

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Harrykanesrightsock Wed 03-Mar-21 21:25:36

Elizabeth Grace would be nice

Flowers95 Wed 03-Mar-21 22:09:27

I like Grace that's a good idea thanks.

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chocoholic2021 Wed 03-Mar-21 22:13:13

Another vote for Grace

Wannabangbang Wed 03-Mar-21 22:13:22

Elizabeth Marie

MsAdoraBelleDearheartVonLipwig Wed 03-Mar-21 22:16:33

My daughter is Elizabeth Ann, after her grandmother.

doadeer Wed 03-Mar-21 22:19:33


Mumoftwoinprimary Wed 03-Mar-21 22:20:54

Elizabeth Sarah Holmes is rather nice.

eddiemairswife Wed 03-Mar-21 22:23:12

Elizabeth Jane

ChelseaCat Wed 03-Mar-21 22:26:59

Anya (😂 for those who might have seen this ‘story’ in the tabloids)

Elizabeth Charlotte is lovely OP

Flowers95 Wed 03-Mar-21 22:40:33

The suggestion of Lily and Kate is lovely. Now I'm thinking do I not use Elizabeth as first name now because of the association with the American businesswoman with same surname

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monicacat Wed 03-Mar-21 22:58:40


notdaddycool Fri 09-Apr-21 19:42:58

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary

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