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Help- obsessing over baby’s name. Have I got it right?

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GgMollie Mon 23-Nov-20 22:47:59

Hi all,

I have a 2 year old boy named Henry. A name we both loved but wasn’t our first choice, Sonny was. But after a few people told us they preferred Henry (including the midwife), we chose Henry. Something I’ll always regret as I still love Sonny.

I had a little girl 4 months ago and promised myself that I wouldn’t do the same thing, but I’m still obsessing over her name.

We named her Georgie and Mollie as her second name as that was a close second. So Henry and Georgie. Since naming her I’ve had a few comments ‘what’s her full name? What’s it short for, is it Georgina or Georgia’ and it’s annoying me. I’m obsessing over names and am thinking should I have called her Daisy Mila or Emilia. All names I also love but didn’t chose incase they were too popular as there’s always another Henry about and I wanted something different but not too unusual. Help! Should I change or try to stop obsessing?

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AdelaMia Mon 23-Nov-20 22:54:42

I think it's a lovely name OP smile I can imagine it must be annoying for people to comment this, but I imagine everyone will just ask once and then that's it, they'll know your daughter's name from then on. I'd say keep the name you love and just try to be relaxed about it rather than obsessing over every comment xx

AdelaMia Mon 23-Nov-20 22:55:54

annoying for you that people comment this, is what I meant!!

CeibaTree Mon 23-Nov-20 23:14:54

I guess it's quite unusual for a Georgie not to be a shortened version of Georgia or Georgina so I don't think people are meaning to be rude in asking you. I think you'll just have to get used to people asking that and so will your DD, but there are worse things that can happen in life! Congrats on your new DD smile

GgMollie Mon 23-Nov-20 23:15:49

Thank you AdelaMia 😀. My obsessing is just driving me crazy (and my partner also). A few older ppl have also called her ‘Georgie porgie’ When being introduced and I absolutely hate it. I’m worried she’ll get called that at school and hate her name. But my partner says she will just become her and to stop worrying

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GgMollie Tue 24-Nov-20 09:08:14

I have a 4 month old girl who’s name is Georgie. Her middle name is Mollie. I loved Mollie and almost had that as her first but my partner preferred Georgie. Since naming her I’ve been obsessed and anxious as to whether I’ve called her the right name? I honestly feel like I’m going mad. Is Georgie a cute girl name or should it be Mollie?

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M0rT Tue 24-Nov-20 09:19:00

There are loads of children with the shortened version of their full name now, Jack, Ella, Kate, Mollie are all nicknames.
So try not to worry about it any more, she will fit right in at school.
If it worries you that much maybe pick Georgia/Georgina as a full name and amend the birth cert.
But Georgie is a lovely name and I don't think Georgie Porgy is a rhyme most kids would know now.

BeesAnkles Tue 24-Nov-20 09:22:03

Georgie is lovely, I'd keep it.

WitchWife Tue 24-Nov-20 09:24:59

I would say if you would rather your son was called Sonny (nice name!) just call him that. No one will care his real name is Henry after a bit.

GgMollie Tue 24-Nov-20 10:35:04

Thank you 😀

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