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Egoistic and narcissist

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Survived1 Mon 03-Aug-20 21:04:53

just wonder if anyone divorced someone as narcissist as my husband..i am divorcing him finally. But we still leave together untill divorce is finalised. I had a long chat with him again yesterday (don't kkow why) and ones again I found myself telling him how I felt during 11 years of our marriage. He is extremely good at minupilating..Yesterday finally I saw his real face that he is a sad man. He says that he has been bullied when he was in the school and he said that everything I do or say to him feels like he is being bullied my me. I explained to him that how hard is to leave with someone like him and I have suffered a lot because of that. I literally cried infront of him. He showed no emotions except only said sorry and start talking about himself again. During our conversation he kept self criticise me saying that I need help and he is worried about my mental health. I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.. literally..he is a sad man and he would never ever change or make anyone happy. Because his self confident and showing no empathy to anyone would make him a lonely old man in the future.. I am kind of sad that I finally realised that .. I am sad that there are no more hopes left between us not even for our kids..

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