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Rock bottom

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straighttocomments Thu 09-Apr-20 23:21:25

I have been in a pretty shitty marriage - 25 years. Found out DH cheating while pregnant with first ds. Then wanted ds to have a sibling. Now 2 kids ds 20 dd 15. Successful career - reached Director level. Main breadwinner. DH (sorry first post so need to get used to acronym) has been unfaithful and put me in debt.
I have kept everything going for children's sake. Not standing up for myself to ensure peaceful household. Tried to shield the kids from the truth.
Even when he said to my daughter I am lazy and do nothing. I would never say anything about their father. Not cool. Why I haven't left yet? I asked him to and he won't leave. Even though I paid for everything he is entitled to half. I wanted to protect the house as the kids were born into this house.
Now I have been made redundant. At home in lockdown. Daughter is horrible to me. He doesn't talk to me - unless I make dinner

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hustler2020 Sat 27-Jun-20 12:13:02

im sorry no one seems to have responded
are you still feeling this way or have things got better?

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