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Piper1985 Sun 29-Mar-20 23:08:42

I've been in a relationship now for three years, we have two young baby's and live together. Me and my partner have been through so much together, good and bad but there's no communication between us , when we have a disagreement I can't talk to my bloke because he just shouts over me and I can never get a word in. There's moods in the house from us both and I feel like sometimes I just wish things were different . I don't have no contact with my family but he does his and I just feel stuck at times. I'm not going lie he has been there for me but its just us no outside world. I don't go out anywhere only shopping and at times I just feel like Mary Poppins!!!!! I really font know what to do, to be honest I really font know if I am truly happy? But I can't tell him that!!!!!!
Anyone got any advice

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ChatWithMe Wed 15-Apr-20 20:33:31

Hi Piper1985. Sorry you're in an unhappy relationship. In my opinion, you have three options: 1. Ask him to go to counseling with you (GP might be able to refer you or you pay privately) but this is a looong journey of waiting lists, appointments, followups etc. 2. Accept that your relationship is unhappy but you don't want to have time apart from your kids (if you later coparent in separate households) so you practice emotional detachment and do your part to keep the home calm and peaceful 3.end the relationship and decide on who lives where and when each person gets to have the kids. It's highly unlikely your partner will change (even with counseling he may not treat you any better) but if you feel positive about helping him to improve then why not try option 1. Do think about what is best for the kids though to ensure a happy childhood. Good luck x

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