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My ectopic pregnancy

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Corey20 Fri 28-Feb-20 15:12:31

Hello ladies welcome to my story of my ectopic pregnancy now I'm not gonna lie the last 3 months have been hard December I fractured my elbow, January I was on antibiotics for a tooth infection and had to remove the tooth, and February has been the worst month of my hole entire life! So I found out I was pregnant on the 5th of February no big deal I felt like I was prepared for this even though I'm not in a relationship with the father I didn't care if he was gonna be there on not whatever. But I had been bleeding which is not a good sign, so I went to see my doctor the following day and was sent into the hospital for scans, the doctor had said "I'm can't see anything I'm so sorry but your more than likely having a miscarriage" then she took my bloods and stuff and told me I had to come back the next day to have more scans done because it was still showing up in my urine and bloods that I was pregnant. So I went back the next day and got the exact same scans done and was then told "I'm so sorry to tell you this but it looks like your having an ectopic pregnancy and it seems to be caught in your right Fallopian tube" I was brought up for emergency key hole surgery. I got done at 7:30pm just before I had woken I had a dream that everything was alright and I was able to have the baby but sadly I woke and that was not the case. I had been getting a few signs that I was pregnant like sore boobs, back pain, acne etc but I also get these when I'm due my period and I also had a light bleed 2 weeks before I had found out I was pregnant so I thought it was my period, ladies please remember I'm only 23 years of age I'm still learning my body and what goes on in my body. I've been through a lot in my hole life lost my mam at a young age and also I seen my grandad die and as much as that is heartbreaking to me or anyone else nothing has broke my heart more than this, I was 6 weeks pregnant and at that stage my baby could've developed a heartbeat, a brain and start to grow some of it's limbs. I wanted that baby I felt like everything just happened so quick I found out I was pregnant and literally in days it was gone it felt like I was being punished!! I'm still in recovery mode and everyday is a struggle, who knows one day I'll wake up fine and the next I could be back to square one but I'm so used to being hurt it's like I'm able to just put a brave face on. But I'm not trying to think positive and think that my mam didn't get to raise me but she will raise my angel baby and my grandad will be there with her to help every step of the way! I also named my baby Corey❤️ I found that helps me so much and I'm also waiting to go see a medium so they can tell me if I was going to have a girl or boy🙈 I've had great support from my family and friends, and the father has been supporting to which I was worried about telling him because of the situation but it was fine. It's going to be hard for me but I know that the 3 brightest stars in the sky are going to help me get through this

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