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Why is no one talking about SacconeJoly cold showers?

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Mommyof6 Fri 16-Aug-19 01:58:20

The SacconeJoly family on Youtube discipline their children with cold showers. Their two-year-old daughter pooped her diaper at naptime and played in it, so they "shocked" (thier word) her with a cold shower. I am sick over it!

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helpmeiamatoad Fri 16-Aug-19 02:06:39

Do you mean that they cleaned her off with cold water? Or that they trapped her in a shower with cold water running?! The former sounds reasonable but the latter is definitely abusive.

Mommyof6 Fri 16-Aug-19 02:35:51

Well, they said they gave her a cold shower. It was not to simply wash her off, it was to punish her and to stop the behavior. You can go to YouTube and watch the vlog. Their oldest child was playing with a doll in an earlier vlog, and said the doll was naughty and was going to be put in a cold shower. She said "in my cold shower"

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splendiferous6 Fri 16-Aug-19 02:37:41

Apparently there are earlier vlogs where their older children also mention being given cold showers. Of course now they are backtracking and claiming it was lukewarm. They are rubbish parents but their self-imposed isolation means they don't get to see what is normal and they don't have friends who might say, look that's a bit harsh, try this instead. All they have are the empty words of teenage fans. Such a sad existence. If you Google cold showers and child cruelty lots of cases come up where parents have been arrested for it. I'm not on here much but am curious about this and am watching to see if the media and/or welfare services step up for a change and ignore the fact the SJs are wealthy and have a public profile (and probably a good lawyer too) and make them accountable for once. Their fans are already saying they'll give cold showers to their own children when they have any. Influencers need to go away.

splendiferous6 Fri 16-Aug-19 02:41:42

Sorry Mommy of 5, was typing my comment as yours was uploaded. Yes there's the vlog where the child role plays with her doll. Very revealing. And a few other mentions on Instastories about cold showers as well as incident when the younger sister of Anna was present. Too many examples for it to be ignored as insignificant.

splendiferous6 Fri 16-Aug-19 02:43:33

Mommy of 6! Not 5, sorry.

Mommyof6 Fri 16-Aug-19 03:00:36

@splendiferous6 no worries! smile

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ClaireElizabethBeauchampFraser Fri 16-Aug-19 12:22:35

I actually searched this because I couldn’t believe it either! I have an autistic ds, who ‘smeared’ once at the same age. He was distressed enough and terrified of pooing on the toilet due to constipation making it painful. I contacted the Eric charity, who advised that I contact his gp about the constipation, that I buy and read him books that normalise pooing and have him choose a kiddy toilet seat and a reward toy for when he managed a full week of poos on the toilet. The above all worked and he never smeared again.

I don’t believe in disciplining babies- (especially with cold showers which in my eyes is abusive! )Their poor little one is now terrified of bath time- justifiably! What was also clear from the video was that it was a pointless exercise as she was too little to make the connection between the cold shower and smearing. The Mum asked her if she knew why they had done it and she said no.

I believe the nspcc commented that it was wrong. They are playing a dangerous game, their children will grow to realise that how they were disciplined is abusive (if they have genuinely disciplined all of the children in this way).

Nancyjuice7 Fri 16-Aug-19 18:19:35

Just watched her video - seems common sense that she’s ready for potty training and just doesn't want to sit in her own mess. Not acceptable that their using any “punishment” at that age as she won’t understand. The cold showers are emotional, and arguably physical abuse IMO

castlecutie Fri 16-Aug-19 19:21:52

they are disgusting. they are a very strange family... i watched them for many years. jonathan used to obviously perv over Anna’s younger teenage sister. and he would put words like sexy, girls, bikini etc, in the video titles just to draw people in. When their oldest child was a baby, she had a seizure in the car (it was mostly filmed, and obviously uploaded) and nothing was ever done about it. no doctor trips as people asked for an update many times but none was ever given. they are money hungry and greedy. i haven’t watched them for a few years and this has really upset me to hear. i have a 2 year old as well and cannot even imagine giving him a cold shower. they are absolutely ridiculous and their followers don’t ever see anything wrong. it’s sickening. i really feel like they need to be taken off of youtube.

mb88 Fri 16-Aug-19 21:43:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sat 17-Aug-19 09:38:24

I really hope MNHQ are not going to pull this thread. Because of the echo chamber on twitter/insta etc, it's important that abusive behaviour can be openly discussed and not hidden or normalised by perpetrators. Whilst one of the site's stated aims is to make parents' lives easier, that should not include shutting down discussions about child protection issues

Mummyjsa Sat 17-Aug-19 11:00:45

I’m in no way a fan of them and am totally against family vlogging because of the invasion of the children’s privacy without their consent, but dooccasionally watch a video. I was absolutely disgusted by what they said they did with the cold shower. This is never an acceptable punishment for a young child. Obviously the backlash has been heard by them as they have now removed that part from their video and attempted to smooth it over with another video saying the water wasn’t that cold? I hope this doesn’t mean it is forgotten and they carry on having sponsors and brand deals based on being good parents!!!

Mommyof6 Sat 17-Aug-19 16:12:19

What is defined as trolling?

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ChocolateTea Sat 17-Aug-19 17:27:36

I've just seen this referenced on another IG stories, and googled it - absolutely shocked. A cold shower as a punishment, however cold, is not on. And is abuse. Would you strip and adult off and put them under water as a punishment for something? No? So why is it OK for kids? If they've had an accident or similar, you give them a bath, or reassure them, you don't ask if they know what they did wrong to warrant a cold shower.

MamaZephyr Sat 17-Aug-19 19:17:47

There was another thread talking about this a couple of days ago I believe, but MNHQ removed it as people believed the OP was a “troll”.

I find it horrendous, to be honest, especially with the amount of support they're receiving. Apparently, they've removed the clip now where they mention the cold showers but I haven't got the heart to go and check as just seeing that poor baby looking so solemn breaks my heart.

Another thing to notice is when the father brings the toddler back, he's clenching his hands, rubbing them together, as if they were freezing, and then he claims the water was “tepid”? hmm

It's not just abuse, though, is it? It's blatant classism. The only reason they're not being investigated is that they're popular vloggers, with a large home, a plethora of toys, and their fridge is packed with food. But if it were a family that didn't put their children's lives on the internet, lived on a council estate with just the bare minimum, those children would have been taken away promptly.

Of course a 2-year-old doesn't understand what she is doing to deserve such a distressing, inhumane punishment. There would be absolute uproar if it had been a dog, but it's all right because it's a toddler who, according to their fans, "should know she's being naughty" and "needs to learn the consequences of her actions".

Thankfully a lot of people aren't just sweeping this under the rug. I hope this stops their exploitation of their children and they're finally taken down or demonetized.

Skyejuly Sat 17-Aug-19 19:22:40

I cant Stand the SCJ. They are awful parents.

HotelRoomforOne Sun 18-Aug-19 01:45:00

The child who was given the cold shower was also trapped inside her cot, she does not have access to a toilet. So what was she meant to do, go to the toilet in her nappy and lie there for any amount of time in discomfort waiting for one of her irresponsible parents to arrive?

These parents have so much help, nannies, baby sitters, holiday camps, cleaners. They do not leave their house to work. There is no reason for their consistent substandard parenting, which has now lead to (documented) abuse.

They are rich, well rested and actually have very little to do other than parent. They have the luxury of time in which to exercise infinite patience with a 2 year old!! A 2 year old who clearly needs them, who is seeking their guidance, not a painful cold shower punishment. These people should never have had children. The horror of these kids growing up to realise their everyday lives have been sold for a price. I wouldn't swap places with any of the Saccone Jolys for all the money in the world. Putting your children on YouTube for money needs to be made illegal before any further damage is done.

The SJs need to be investigated for child abuse. They have published all the evidence themselves for anyone in the world to see, so it should be a straightforward investigation!

Mrsfussypants1 Tue 20-Aug-19 11:06:57

I'm absolutely disgusted and appalled and feel sick that parents could do this to there own flesh and blood. That's a very cold thing for a parent to do, and its out there forever for the kids to see when they are frown ups. Did the parents have this done to them as a child? Will the children grow up and repeat this with there own children. What monsters do this?

LauraEJ Fri 30-Aug-19 18:41:13

This is so ridiculous. You dont know the content of the comment. You cant even spell "their." People have their own way to discipline their children and Sacconejoly decide to not show this on their yt. I am not condoning cold showers to discipline children but from their videos and social media, anyone would know they are great parents doing their best in the limelight of todays society. Some people need to get a grip.

MargotLovedTom1 Fri 30-Aug-19 19:00:46

"Doing their best in the limelight...." 😂😂😂

You mean the limelight they actively seek?!

castlecutie Fri 30-Aug-19 20:23:56

@LauraEJ great parents... hahahahaha

Children4337 Wed 04-Sep-19 20:29:56

You wouldn’t believe the number of similar messages of support I’ve seen on the SJ channel about this of two camps: immediate aggressiveness, ‘troll’ comes up a lot. These ppl typically have absolutely nothing intelligent to add to the greater discussion.

And then the really disturbing trend: mothers who will say almost rote: “Well, I don’t agree with it and I wouldn’t do it to MY child but...”
- they apologized and said the shower was “lukewarm”- despite evidence to the contrary
- they’re loved and well cared for so I’m sure the parents would NEVER do anything to harm their children
- I don’t see any evidence of abuse so that’s all I need to see
- they’re not my children, the SJs know how to parent
- they’ve been investigated- there’s no child abuse
- Anna is so gorgeous, so NO way!

On this website, almost global support of the parents with practically no concern whatsoever expressed- despite being made aware of the SIX videos referring to cold showers. It’s like ppl are Celebrity Crush Zombies with abandonment of integrity and devaluation of children. Herd mentality to the max.

HUZZAH212 Wed 04-Sep-19 20:58:01

They did a 12min waffling apology on YT which was utterly cringe worthy. Bleating about how they're not celebs but need someone to view over the content of their posts prior to posting them.

Mediaemily Sat 21-Dec-19 13:03:44

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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