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2girlsandagap Mon 08-Jul-19 02:23:59

I’ve started blogging and I’m not too sure on whether it’s actually interesting or if it reads well and also on how to promote myself. I don’t expect to make money from it but I’d like to know people were reading it. Would anyone mind taking a look and giving me some feedback? It’s

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2girlsandagap Mon 08-Jul-19 02:28:56

Actually I’m an idiot and it’s this

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FlamedToACrisp Sun 04-Aug-19 20:39:48

It's always hard to get blog readers when you first start out, but I've had a look at your blog and found it quite fun - especially the hospital visit and Father's Day posts. Don't give up!

You have a definite skill at writing, but your posts are not tightly focused on one particular topic (e.g. your sleep-walking experiences would be better as a separate post) and each could be better structured - introduction, main body of topic, conclusion - to make a specific point. Your humour is particularly effective and is what will be most likely to get you more readers. Stick to personal experiences and avoid commenting on other blogs at this stage. Always add one or more images - you can get free ones on Pixabay.

Ideally, your blog should have an About Me page, explaining why you chose the name and giving a brief and fairly vague idea of your family situation, such as "I am a stay at home mother of two girls, and live with my husband in North-East England." Make it funny, and ideally include a photo of you, or a logo for your blog.

You might want to rethink using the real names of your husband and kids - or did you already use pseudonyms?

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