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£20 per Hour Deep Clean Before Regular Clean?

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Joshua19888 Tue 04-Jun-19 18:51:54


My boyfriend and I are thinking of taking on a weekly cleaner. We have been advised that the weekly clean will be 3 hours @ £12.50 ph and it's been recommended that we have an initial clean with 5 cleaners, working for 4 hours at £20 ph each = £400.

The number of hours is less of a debate than whether we should be paying £20 per hour? Does this seem a little high to you? Or did you have an initial clean before taking on a regular cleaner?

Thanks in advance

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grumpyyetgorgeous Tue 04-Jun-19 18:58:08

That does seem steep to me. I've had one off deep cleans before, cost me in the region of £200 but they were my choice and the rate of pay was the same as normal. I've had cleaners several times, they all just start on their regular hours.... on the understanding I suppose that it takes them a while to get into a maintenance type routine.

Joshua19888 Tue 04-Jun-19 19:16:34

Thanks GyG

Was that £200 for one person cleaning for a day? Or was it multiple people for a number of hours?

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grumpyyetgorgeous Tue 04-Jun-19 19:38:10

It was a while ago now, I think 2 cleaners came for the day, I usually paid £10 ph at that time so perhaps it wasn't as much as £200 because that would be a ten hour day wouldn't it? It was certainly a lot less than £400 and I didn't pay a higher rate. Do you have a lot of clutter that they'd need to sort and move first?
My house is a smallish 3 bed and is fairly minimalist, so no bits and bobs to move.

mamapud Wed 03-Jul-19 00:30:07

How dirty is your house and how big is it? I think £400 for an initial clean is crazy unless you live in a mansion or one of the houses off extreme hoarders. That's nearly the equivalent of 1 cleaner working 5 full days. I have recently got a cleaner and when I was looking they ranged from £10 to £14 an hour. I got the girl for £10 per hour and she is fantastic can't believe how much she does in 2 hours and if I want a deeper clean I just get her for 4 hours.

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