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Is it ok to complain about older children on here?

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pallasathena Sat 02-Feb-19 16:39:08

Year 8 eh? that's 13/14? On the cusp of being a grown-up and thinks she knows it all!
What she's doing is making sense of her world by throwing out opinions and in her own way, trying to become independent.
It's a phase.
An awful one for you but a necessary one for her.
Similar to the toddler tantrum stage, remember that? When they couldn't communicate except through strops?
Similar stuff except that now, they have the language...and the attitude and the power to inflict emotional armageddon - if you take it seriously! Don't take it seriously.
Make sure you have realistic boundaries and expectations. I used to ground mine regularly for various infringements. They're parents themselves now and tell me it showed I cared! Evidently, their friends just got moody huffiness from theirs.
In a few years, she'll be out the other side.
In theory.

Iworktofu1n9hard Sat 02-Feb-19 15:37:44

I ask because I was shunned on netmums because, apparently, it’s for people with younger children.

Stupid me. Nobody told me you stop being a mum when your child starts year 8; I must have missed the email. But that’s so like me, I have been known to miss things.

Anyway, back to letting me down easy:
Where was I? Oh yes, I was saying I don’t think my fragile self asteem could take a second battering, so if my ramblings about my, daughter who thinks her father and I are stupid (only god knows how we managed to hold down, jobs, mortgages, cars, holidays, and a late life masters). The please let me know ASAP, but please refrain from using foul language; I’m having a me-grain 😏

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