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Contacted by daughter after 20+ years

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delfin821 Fri 25-Jan-19 22:16:19

Joined today, as I feel I need some help.

My second wife and I split up and divorced in the late 90's with our son and daughter living with her. I lost contact with both children as my wife was very, very difficult (long story).

My daughter from this marriage contacted me 3 days ago, out of the blue, sending me a message on Facebook messenger. She is now in her mid 20's with a young daughter.

We have chatted over the last three days, using Messenger, the first day almost constantly, then by arrangement the following two evenings.

I find myself feeling very nervous in the run up to our chats, I'm afraid that she might stop contact, but it's in my nature to commit fully to something no matter the consequences.

I would like some advice on how to develop the relationship with her, taking into account that we live a long way from each other. There's only so much you can do on Messenger

All advice gratefully received.

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