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Photography Website Feedback - How much would you pay the photographer?

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Rabiaq Thu 10-Jan-19 14:25:11

Hi guys,

I am a newbie and a lifestyle photographer in London, I have been photographing children and families for a few years now and recently created a website. I've never really had fixed priced and have always had the odd occasional offer on

I would love to know what you would pay for high-resolution digital images. I have a mini package which is 11 photos and a full package for 18 photos

Each client gets to see the full gallery and then make there own selection, so I guess I work slightly different to other photographers in the area, and this is the pro that comes with my services.

What would you pay the photographer, is my website clear enough for you to navigate and should I add pricing to it?

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zanuda Wed 16-Jan-19 08:58:18

Occasionally i see offers like that on the blogs in the messages I've got from blogloving. With the prices. you could try to look there, searching for photography and put similar prices on your website. But over there it's not a photograph's website. It's established blogs with it's our readers base and very good photos. I think at some point readers were asking about photos and blog owners just started to make photos to sell.

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