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NicoleRD Fri 09-Nov-18 15:41:30

I'm super new to this, please can someone explain what all the abbreviations mean!?

Such as, DH, DS, DS, AIBU? Yanbu?

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ScreamingValenta Fri 09-Nov-18 15:45:58

Welcome to MN!

Here's a link to the most common ones.

ErrolTheDragon Fri 09-Nov-18 15:45:58

Here you go:

NicoleRD Fri 09-Nov-18 15:47:05

@ErrolTheDragon & @ScreamingValenta

Hello! Thank you very much smile

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NicoleRD Fri 09-Nov-18 15:47:57

I've had to bookmark it ;-)

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ErrolTheDragon Fri 09-Nov-18 15:52:12

Those lists aren't quite comprehensive, last time I looked it was missing a few of the sweary ones.

Another tip for the super new - a piece of unwritten etiquette (which you couldn't possibly be expected to know!) is that generally if you want to refer to another poster who is participating in a thread, just bold their name or part thereof eg I'd generally be Errol rather than using the @ which sends an email notification. It's useful if you want to make someone aware of a thread they're not on but is a bit irritating otherwise. smile

NicoleRD Fri 09-Nov-18 15:55:23

That is good to know,* Errol*, I definitely don't want everybody I mention getting an email notification - I'd rather not be that person!

Thank you for your help grin

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