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Child benefit

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Hanconelly Mon 24-Sep-18 06:29:51

Anyone know what date child benefit is payed this month !? September 2018 it's the last Monday and I haven't been payed ? Has anyone else ?? I was really relying on this money !

Nanasueathome Mon 24-Sep-18 06:32:45

As far as I am aware, child benefit is paid every 4 weeks
Not a specific day/date each month
Check when you received your last payment and work from there

greyspottedgoose Mon 24-Sep-18 06:42:36

Is everyone's the same? Mines due a week today, It comes a week after payday for me

Fuzzywig Mon 24-Sep-18 06:45:10

Mine is paid weekly on a Tuesday.

I am sure yours will be paid at some point today. Keep checking your bank account throughout the day.

Hanconelly Mon 24-Sep-18 06:52:12

Mine as last payed 24th august before the bank holiday ? So it's actually the 5th week since my lady pay!?

Mummingainteasy Mon 24-Sep-18 06:54:02

Can you check your claims account online? On mine it tells me all my last and future payment dates and amounts x

Rebecca36 Mon 24-Sep-18 06:58:33

Almost sure you will be paid today. It's 'paid' btw.

CaMePlaitPas Mon 24-Sep-18 07:03:41

It was paid on the seventeenth. I believe it is paid the second last Monday of every month?

CaMePlaitPas Mon 24-Sep-18 07:04:35

Oh - you have so many different replies, must be different for everyone!

SavoyCabbage Mon 24-Sep-18 07:13:08

“Bank holidays

Your Child Benefit payment is usually paid early if it’s due on a bank holiday.

Due datePayment date
2 April 201829 March
7 May 20184 May
28 May 201825 May
27 August 201824 August
25 December 201824 December
1 January 201924 December”

MissDai5y Mon 24-Sep-18 07:27:09

I've checked our account and the last 2 payments were Monday 6th August and Monday 3rd September.

The letter said every 4 weeks so I expect the next one to be Monday 1st October.

If it's been more than 4 weeks I would check your letter for contact details.

Hanconelly Mon 24-Sep-18 07:36:16

Where and how do you check your payments !? I can't see it on my tax gov account !?

SavoyCabbage Mon 24-Sep-18 07:40:33

It should be today, according to the table.

The 27th August was a bank holiday so you were paid on the 24th instead. Then four weeks from the 27th (your actual day) is today.

Aprilshowersnowastorm Mon 24-Sep-18 07:42:38

Has your dc stayed on at school and you forgot to tell them?

Mummingainteasy Mon 24-Sep-18 10:05:41

You have to have a government gateway account. If you haven't got one, just ring up the tax credits number and speak to them.

I had my payments suspended and couldn't work out why. It was because I had changed jobs and my new work had put my work address as my home address which meant they had conflicting info. Could something like that have happened? It was soon sorted and they gave me 2 one off payments which covered most of the payments I had missed.

Other than that, did you reapply correctly??

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