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Am I unrealistic in thinking my book will make a difference?

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glamourous Thu 20-Sep-18 11:24:51

I spent a lot of my youth in the care system and despite this, have managed to do quite well for myself which does beat the stats of young people in who have been in care.

Throughout my time in acre and as a care leaver, I learnt skills and 'tricks' and outlooks on life which have helped me to navigate the system well.

I'm writing a book for young people in care which details this advice and other topics which ordinarily, if you live at home, would normally be taught to you by parents or in school.

I'm roughly halfway through writing the book and having not known anyone who has written a book before and knowing that no book exists like the one I'm trying to write, is there any hope that my book will make a difference?

I was going to self publish it on amazon but also wondered about speaking to local authorities and getting them to distribute downloadable free versions of the book to their young people.

Does anyone has any experience on writing self help books for young people? Can anyone give me any advice at all? I really want to help young people who are in the same situation that I was in and give them that hope that anything is possible despite their upbringing.


LOUNIC Mon 24-Sep-18 00:05:36

I think this is a great idea! Speaking to local authorities would be very beneficial. Sorry I can’t help with writing a self help book in any way but your experiences will speak for themselves. Just wanted to say I think it’s a fab idea and would help many kids who are in care x

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