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AmieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 22-Aug-18 12:23:02

Hi everyone,

for those who missed it in the Influencer Network newsletter the other week, here's an update on how we moderate threads discussing influencers.

Mumsnet is a post-moderated site - this means that our moderation team only see individual posts if users hit the ‘report’ button on site. With over 12 million monthly visitors per month, it would be a helluva tough job for our moderation team to read everything. Don’t worry though - the team are on hand seven days a week, to look at reports as they come in.

Mumsnet is all about people sharing their authentic opinions, so we don’t insist on ‘fluffiness’ - we think that straight talking is valuable and useful, and we allow what we call ‘robust debate’. But we don’t allow personal attacks under any circumstances - we know most influencers expect to be critiqued more than the average Joe, but we’re not okay with meanness or spite, or mockery.

In practice, this means that it’s OK to criticise an influencer’s actions, and within reason to critique their manner and approach. But it’s never on to mock them, to criticise their personal appearance, or to call them names; we’re also likely to remove posts which imply that emotional abuse is going on, for example, without real backup.

There are lots of grey areas, as you can imagine, and we spend a lot of time discussing them. Often, it comes down to tone of voice - we generally take a dim view of posters who repeatedly express their opinion in a sneery or contemptuous tone.

One challenging area is what are known as ‘pile ons’, where legitimate criticism is repeated so often that it starts to feel unkind. This can be tricky - how many times exactly can something be said before it becomes mean? What if other posters are disagreeing, so the critical posters feel they’re simply arguing their case? We generally find that a reminder from one of our mods is the best approach, so please do use the report button if you think this is happening.

We’ve always had a general ‘three strikes’ approach at Mumsnet - if a poster is deleted more than twice within a reasonable period, we reckon Mumsnet probably isn’t the place for them. We’re going to be applying this quite rigorously on threads which discuss individual influencers now, and we’ve also put some software in place to flag these threads more quickly. Remember to use the report button to flag posts you’re concerned about - and don’t forget that the Influencer Network team are always available for a chat.

The flipside to all this, of course, is that the Mumsnet audience is incredibly engaged - something that we know both clients, and influencers, find uniquely valuable. It’s an amazing place to talk to your core audience - smart parents like you who want great, non-fluffy content for those moments in the day when they can take a break from the craziness of family life!

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to talk to us over the last month or two - and watch this space for more opportunities to engage with Mumsnet and our users in the future.

For more details on our Talk Guidelines, click here.

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