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New to the bloggers network 😊

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BeccaBlogs Sat 11-Aug-18 19:08:45


I’m new to the mumsnet bloggers network and I’d love for you to have a look at my blog. Any constructive criticism is welcome 😊

I mostly blog about parenting (I’m a twin mum), infertility/ivf, mental health and body image/weight loss.

You can find my blog at 😊

Pearl2017 Thu 27-Sep-18 04:58:08

Can any mums help me out? I’m a father but the mother of my child is showing signs of anycare towards my daughter.. we are separated but messaged i receive from her regarding my daughter is not acceptable, my sister and other female friends are shocked by how she be regarding our daughter.

Bobbyp Sun 14-Oct-18 12:37:24

3yr old boy. Only interested in running around, doing things he shouldn’t. Doesn’t not like any social interaction via focus time groups. I.e story time, group play. (He likes story at bedtime)
I know some of the aspects above are what kids do at this age) but how can I get him to focus more. It just seems a nightmare when we take him out) am I being over dramatic and do I just have to sit this stage out? But pls if anyone who can relate, or have been through this phase give me some tips on how I can manage this but also making sure that my child is part of this I.e he can be involved in making some of this change with me. I take him swimming lessons with me with him but he seems to aqua phobia and he just cries and refuses to join in and the instructor does not want to do 1-1 with him ( I can’t understand his change with the water he was acceptable b4 if I held him safe. and I can’t think of anything that has caused him to be like this) sorry went off on a bit of a tangent.
Any advice would be really helpful
Thanks smile

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