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Tanya321 Tue 07-Aug-18 09:28:35

Hi I am Tanya I have 8 children 3 of those have special needs and this is why I work from home as an Avon leader and representative and I do love my job but it just gets me down when people say it’s not a real job or what are U doing that for .when I am making good money working from home this way .why do people have to put us down all the time ,why can t people say well done u are doing a good job . We should be supporting each other every step of the way . I don t care what people do for a living or what they live in as long as they’ve are happy who am I to judge .If anyone wants a chat I am here for everyone x

2good Tue 07-Aug-18 09:34:48

Wow I think that's amazing!! You have 8 children, 3 with special needs and are working too? You should be very proud at being able to manage all this. I can't imagine how you juggle all of that. Don't mind what people say. Most people with even 3 or 4 kids wouldn't have any job.

This is the perfect job to fit in around the hours that suit. I always loved when the Avon lady would call around- my mum would order lots of stuff and it was so exciting opening it all, and when we got a bit older we were allowed to get a lipstick or something small ourselves 😊 Best of luck with everything!

Tanya321 Tue 07-Aug-18 11:26:23

Thankyou so much it means the world to me my life is really crazy sometimes and hard work but I love my children and my job and wouldn’t change any of it for the world x x x

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