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How do I get over him

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Mum2twoboysx Sun 01-Jul-18 00:24:51

I split from my ex over a year ago we have two kids together, he moved on within 4 weeks of our split he isn't a great dad and always lets the kids down but I still love him I miss him and it's killing me he tells me he hates me he is vile to me why do I still love him why does it still hurt so much. How do I get over him.

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Proudlyindependent Sun 08-Jul-18 17:19:26

Girl, what are your priorities?
Dispense with self pity and lack of selfworth!
Look ahead, it is ok miss him as a person in your life. Just do not let your self be consumed by your dependency on his inadequacy.
He has moved on, so be it. You were not born joint at the hips.
Take it easy, learn to love your self, you create your own happiness not any one else.
Look to your kids and your life, hobbied and career.

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