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Lack of support

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Vieve Tue 05-Jun-18 18:14:42


My husband & I both work. Me about 40 minutes from home and him a good 2-3 hour commute. I earn more than him and substantially more when you consider the cost of him getting to work (£12K yearly train fair plus parking). I have a very responsible job with staff at multiple sites. He has no staff and limited responsibility. He leaves for work at 5.45am and only gets back 7.30pm. This means I do the childcare (we have a daughter in primary school), dropping off at grandparents who take her to school, picking up at 5.30pm, special events, organising things for school and other activities, buying present for friends parties etc etc. I also end up organising most things around the house and doing the diy. He is trying to sell a product he has developed over the past 8 years and uses this for justification for working where he does. Admittedly he has now started to sell the product but it's not going to make millions!!But I feel he doesn't appreciate or even respect my job and does nothing to help or support me to do my job. If I need to go for an early meeting I have to ask in advance and only get "help" on some occasions. I feel like as long as I pay the bills he doesn't really care about what I do. He's willing to give up the job if I will support him. He refuses to find a job locally. So my question is, am I being mean by wanting more support? He sees this product he's developed as a way to pay off the mortgage early so he can retire. Should I be more supportive and help him to achieve his dream? He says he's doing it for us but I'm not buying it anymore.

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