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what do you look for in a blog?

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Creditcardconfusion Sun 27-May-18 16:22:34

After a topic that interests you obviously what do you think are the most important things? Spelling and grammar? Writing style? Photographs?

Or do you have any pet hates in a blog?

I'm currently working on launching a blog just as a hobby and wondered what other people look for in a blog smile

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bestican Fri 03-Aug-18 23:25:01

Hi have a look online at other blogs and see what appeals to you. I started my blog in January and I just write about anything I think about. I do it as a hobby because I enjoy it. You can have a look if you want to, it's called Sunshine, Raindrops and Tea in the Garden and you can find it here
Some people just blog about parenting, some about beauty, some about mental health, some about traveling so there are many topics to choose from.
Please feel free to ask any questions if you'd like to know anything, I'm no expert but I'll try my best to help you smile

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