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MOD deleting Instagram

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chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:38:28

I just want to say it's disgusting that MOD has felt the need to delete her Instagram, even if temporarily. I bet we all want our children to live in a safe, mindful and positive society yet so many mums and even dads are happy to butt into other people's lives. Why can people allow others to just live their own lives? If you don't like it then don't look at it but don't negativity discuss it. I get everyone's entitled to their own opinion but I want my child to live in a MINDFUL and HAPPY society where they do have to get anxious or worry about being negatively spoken about or judged. Us mums and dads should be supporting each other and if we have something nasty to say then just keep it to yourself as negativity hurts and I wouldn't want my child to be going through any of this.

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:39:06


EBearhug Wed 23-May-18 11:42:48

I take it we're not talking about the Ministry of Defence here?

lollygaggy Wed 23-May-18 11:43:10


RandomWordsStuckTogether Wed 23-May-18 11:43:57

How is it ‘butting into other people’s lives’? They’ve laid out the minutiae of their family life for everyone to see, so that they can make money off it.

And I think concern for the children - and their exploitation to make a quick buck and blag free holidays - is what has always been at the heart of the debate around the ethics of instagram.

I think what you mean to say in your post is that nobody should have voiced an opinion about them unless it was a positive one.

Which is nonsense.

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:43:57

No mother's of daughters

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:47:02

Just because they have made their lives public doesn't mean they deserve to be hounded by awful comments on posts and spoken about soo badly ? Who cares if they are making a buck off it they clearly love their children ? Statistics for actual child abuse are soo high why can't people shed their attention into discussing that and raising awareness for that ? It's not that people can't think negativity I just wish people would voice it so hastily and would at least word it nicely but even so I don't think it's necessary to voice negativity as I wish for a mindful, supportive and positive society. If anyone wants to spread hate or negativity do it over serious issues such as actual child abuse.

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:48:31

Who wouldn't wanna blag free holidays to take their kids on...get real I'm sure most people would !!

nipersvest Wed 23-May-18 11:48:40

There is a lot more to it than you think. Firstly, no-one knows why/where her account has gone, she may have disabled it herself, Instagram may have disabled it, we don't know. And secondly, it has nothing to do with an MN threads, there was other stuff going on over on Instagram, DM's exchanged between her and other users, and talk of someone reporting her to the NMC.

I expect this thread will be deleted, Insta talk is best kept theoretical rather than naming names.

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:50:07

I know it's not just from MN I am just voicing my opinion on here however she said she'd had a hard time dealing with comments made on here and even if it's not related to deleting the account it's still horrible and the comments on her posts were awful before Instagram filtered them out

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:51:11

Happens with so many mum bloggers who are ripped apart on discussions and hounded by comments by raging mums it's not just MOD I just don't get why we can't just support each other or butt out !

nipersvest Wed 23-May-18 11:52:06

MOD is not completely innocent herself, which is partly why things escalated on the gram.

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:52:38

How isn't she ?

Oddish Wed 23-May-18 11:54:07

Yawn. Hasn’t this been done to death? Have a look at the influencer threads for a better idea of the full picture.

Plumsofwrath Wed 23-May-18 11:54:10

There I was, thinking there was some super high level threat to the UK going on, making the Ministry of Defence delete alllllll of instagram....

nipersvest Wed 23-May-18 11:54:24

I'm not anti mod btw, I'm just saying the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

And I don't buy the 'women should support women' crap, sorry. I'm not supporting anyone who is doing things I don't particularly agree with.

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:56:39

How do I access the influencer threads

sparklefluff Wed 23-May-18 11:56:58

What about the people who made comments who were ripped apart? Had nasty messages sent to them and were trolled.

Is that ok because we aren't "instafamous"

Please don't be so naive as to think there is no smoke without fire.

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 11:58:30

And where is the proof ?

nipersvest Wed 23-May-18 12:00:34

some of the DM's MOD sent were posted on instagram

Oddish Wed 23-May-18 12:02:25

chloeistephens Wed 23-May-18 12:02:49

Are they still on?

nipersvest Wed 23-May-18 12:04:33

no, the ones I saw were posted on stories so went after 24hr.

I think it's just safest to assume there's more to this than any of us know.

RandomWordsStuckTogether Wed 23-May-18 12:50:27

It’s a numbers games isn’t it?

I probably know about 500 people in real life. Maybe I meet one new person a week, or a fortnight. I know I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea. But if ten per cent of people really don’t like me, it’s not going to affect me much. Plus I’d probably never get to hear of it.

If ten per cent of 500k followers didn’t like me, then that’s 50,000 people. From the internet. When you’ve got figure that high, there are bound to be a handful who aren’t that ‘stable’, some who want to do harm, most who just feel their entitled to have a right to reply since they’ve been co-opted into the exchange between influencer and brand.

I can’t understand why people defending Instamums are so astonished that a few #kind hashtags haven’t been able to mind control half a million people.

RandomWordsStuckTogether Wed 23-May-18 12:51:00

And I would hate to have a free holiday at the expense of my children’s privacy. Hate it.

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