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Blog name help please!

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GimbleInTheWabe Mon 21-May-18 16:21:54

So I'm starting a column type blog as a part of a larger website. The whole site has an Eco backbone, but is done so in an approachable and inclusive way and not preachy at all. It is also humorous and lighthearted and wants to show both sides of the coin with motherhood.
I still need a name for my blog though and I'm really struggling. I'd love something a bit witty or fun, but not cutesy 'mummy's eco corner' type thing.
The only idea I have so far is 'How to save the planet on 2 hours sleep' but that's a bit long and .. eh I dunno.
Any suggestions gratefully welcome and unashamedly stolen. Please and Thank-You!

sunraintea Sat 26-May-18 10:26:30

Hi I think how to save the planet on two nights sleep is great as a tag line! Maybe something shorter for the blog name though. My blog name is Sunshine, Raindrops and Tea in the Garden and in hindsight I think it's too long. I shortened my URL to though. Perhaps something short like Eco Mum or something?

babybossip Sat 26-May-18 20:11:31

I have started a blog on Instagram called “BabyBossip” discussing ideas, tips and issues , follow from one insta-parent to another x

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