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verbal bullying by a group of kids

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scorpio9 Thu 17-May-18 10:09:11

My child was verbally bullied by a group of 6 kids which looked like ages 6 to apx 13. they lined up at our front gate. one small boy said come here and we smash you face in.
I watch from in the shadows of the house until they forced the gate open and were going to enter. as soon as i went to the door and they seem me they ran at the time i had my camera in hand but it was switched off. i told them not to return or i would call the police.
with in 5 min a group of 5 mother were at my door doing the same to me as there kids did to my child.
they said that the week before my child had pushed one of there children I ask them why they had not come to me answer did not know were you lived. then there was a small child's voice say that my child had nothing to do with it but they of course took no notice of this. they said i had took pictures of there children and one threaten to call police, since nothing was taken i ask them to do just that. none were called for.
my child told us that they have just taken a dislike to her as she does not play out every night and is in no group of kids in area.
It is an amazing fact that in less than 5 min they turned up with out asking and finding out any facts from the kids on why etc.
my 1st question would be why did you run when an adult came out.
When i told them that my child would never play out again they told me i could not do that. I do not see being verbally attacked by 6 kids as acceptable and the way these parents came to speak about this matter was nothing but a gang or mob threatening style.
I was very much thinking at the time to phone the police myself as I felt threaten of physical harm. the only thing was that i had closed the gates and had a physical barrier between me and this unwilling to listen about fact mob
what would any one reading this say on this matter

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