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Young man early 30's still at home and not working

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Worrier5 Wed 09-May-18 22:03:37

I am wondering if anyone can please help my son, my husband and me go forward to improve his current situation. My son is a very intelligent, caring and personable young man. He has a university degree but he appears unable to move on and take up other aspects of life.I think he is suffering from severe low self esteem and depression and don't know how to address this any more. I have tried to encourage him to go to counselling or at least talk to the doctor, neither of which he appears to want to do. He is still living at home, not in employment or claiming any benefits (in fact he has had no employment since leaving university). His social life revolves around his cousin and associated friends but they are now moving on, getting married, children etc.His younger brother is in full time employment and now has his own home. We are fortunately in a position to allow him to continue living at home on this basis and my husband has been reluctant to push him to do otherwise as there was previously a similar situation with my stepson.
Please if anyone can give me some suggestions this would be very welcome.

MissConductUS Wed 09-May-18 22:45:40

Can you find a career counselor or life coach for him to meet with? I don't think you should kick him out, but I think it's appropriate to make continued support contingent on some positive action on his part to improve his situation.

If he really has clinical depression that's a medical condition he needs to be evaluated for and treated if necessary. So having his GP evaluate him for depression should be part of the deal too. If depression is indeed part of the problem treatment should help a great deal.

Have a look at this, and don't ignore the "more like this" links on the right hand side of the article.

Mine is off to uni this fall. This is my worst nightmare. Good luck,

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