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Blogging advice - where to start?

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WraithBabe Thu 03-May-18 11:14:03

Hi all,

I'm just looking for some advice. I've been writing a blog since 2015, but it's been a bit aimless and I've not been updating it that frequently due to not having the time. It's really about my life since I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and how I've come to terms with it/how I manage to cope.

I've realised I need to stop working, and I'd like to blog 'properly' - not as a way to make money (I don't imagine advertisers are that interested in advertising with blogs that are predominantly about illness!) but just to have something to do that gives me a sense of purpose - and also to share advice with other people going through the same thing.

I'm just at a bit of a loss about how to go about this - I don't have many readers of my blog although I do tweet my posts and I have about 700 followers on twitter.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get the word out there about a blog?

Many thanks

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