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Divorce advice - please help!

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NickyNackyNu Tue 01-May-18 19:36:55

Hi, sorry if this has been discussed before but I need some advice please....
So after years of abuse I split with my husband just over a year ago. He moved out and now lives with his new girlfriend, I have managed to stay in the family house with our three boys but I am having to pay everything myself. He sometimes gives me some money, sometimes not.

To avoid defaulting on the mortgage I make a minimum payment towards the interest only. I have made agreements with all of the companies he ran debts up with to pay a little a month, and am just managing to keep my head above water.

I have a boyfriend too now, and I want to get a place with him. He is prepared to sell his house but we need his and my equity to get a place big enough for the kids too.

My husband is now trying to stop this happening just because he feels he can and because he doesn't want to lose control over me and has said that he will not agree to the sale of our still jointly owned house. I have never stopped him from seeing his kids but he never wants to come and see them or help in any way.

What do I do? Do i get the divorce done first (I am confident he will want the divorce too) and then go to court over the house and try to force a sale? Will a court agree to let me sell and divide the equity? Do I just go to court and do the whole thing in one go? Do i need to see a mediator? I am really lost as to what stage to do first and any help would be much appreciated.

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