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Stylish Clothing for Breastfeeding?

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mylittlepoppy Tue 27-Mar-18 14:06:31

I am struggling to find the perfect outfit to make it work. I have one of the One Hundred Stars kimonos which is really handy. Its really light weight and roomy enough to feed in, while keeping covered easily, plus it washes really well (despite it saying hand wash only). Anyone recommend something similar?

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RoryHatesCoffee Tue 27-Mar-18 14:24:04

All I wear is jeans and jumpers with a vest top underneath as I've never found nice clothes that are easy to feed in!

Jumper up, vest top down, boob access without any extra skin showing so it's easy to do in public.

TeddyIsaHe Tue 27-Mar-18 14:25:16

I just wore normal clothes - usually a button down shirt with a vest underneath. No need to buy all this overpriced nursing stuff op! Completely pointless.

katmarie Tue 27-Mar-18 15:34:27

I picked up a few cheap tops on amazon that are pretty basic but handy if I'm out of the house, but for the most part I do the best top/ jumper thing too

Pickybrow Tue 27-Mar-18 15:37:49

Agree with the vest top combo.
Are you on Facebook? I used to be in a group called something like can I breastfeed in that? They have a selling page. Basically just normal high street clothes that are cool for breastfeeding too.

NameChange30 Tue 27-Mar-18 15:42:50

Another vote for the FB group, it’s called Can I Breastfeed in it?

I have 3 Bshirts (black, grey and white) that I wear a lot, they’re good under a shirt or cardigan or on their own in summer.

Otherwise I go for OUOD (one up one down), I wear a top that I lift up and a stretchy H&M vest that I pull down. Keeps tummy and chest covered.

NameChange30 Tue 27-Mar-18 16:10:02

Oliver Bonas have some nice wrap dresses. (I have one I love although it’s a bit fiddly to wrap and unwrap so I wear a bshirt and leggings underneath to protect my modesty!)

This one looks good and is on sale;color:Navy__425

mylittlepoppy Thu 29-Mar-18 15:08:10

Thanks guys that's really helpful
I'm going to have fun treating myself this Easter!

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