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Autism & Anxiety Blog Post

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borninastorm Sun 04-Mar-18 14:47:21

Hi All

I haven't blogged in a while due to many changes to our family life, but I've started again with a new blog post today.
Following my son's diagnosis of autism I suddenly and out of the blue starting experiencing anxiety.
I've written a blog post on my anxiety and why I think it's happening to me.
You can read it on my blog mumtoteens
If you fancy commenting your thoughts on it I'd love to read them. Thanks x

aboutasd Mon 05-Mar-18 11:44:51

borninastorm I really like your very honest blog post. It is great that you have realised the source of anxiety, although I am sorry that I have no helpful suggestions help your feelings which are very real for many of us. I have just written a post 'what is autism' it took me ages to actually get on with it as I knew it was such a complex subject to try and explain.

conquerfromwithin Sun 15-Apr-18 11:09:44

I really enjoyed that! It's very honest and I completely understand where you're coming from as I also have an 8 year old with autism. I also have anxiety and find at times it's quite bad and others it can go down a bit. All the same thoughts you're having I have been there, it's so difficult! The only thing that has helped me is going to counselling and talking through my worries. I have to keep telling myself that yes something could happen but the probability of it is much smaller than the possibly of it happening. If it's really worrying you to the point of making you sick I would definitely try and talk to someone about how you feel.
Take care x

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