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carrying out dissertation research!!

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researchingmotherhood Tue 27-Feb-18 19:14:13

Hello, I am hoping to do some research into how young children learn new life skills!! I am a student researcher at Exeter university, we are hoping to look at how levels of parental boredom influence in a child's engagement levels (as we have seen that lack of engagement will influence how a child learns). If you have the time, and are parenting a child between the ages of 3-6, please could you take the time to carry out our survey? It should take about 15 mins or so- thanks so much!! grin

squizita Tue 27-Feb-18 20:28:53

Could the questions be clearer - "my activities" for example, needs some examples. I'm easily distracted from ironing but not from reading, easily distracted when watching cartoons with my child but not when playing physically. Yes/no is going to get false results.

I'm guessing you'll want to differentiate between high-achieving boredom-driven-imagination/striving in parents and staring-vacantly-and-not-bothered boredom.

squizita Tue 27-Feb-18 20:55:28

... sorry on phone and it keeps sending.

With the child questions there are also some inconsistencies- whilst you have lot outs for kids not at nursery:
- you don't have an opt out for volunteering for working parents (who could not volunteer regardless of parenting style) such as 'I am at work during school hours'.
- On the driving question, you don't have an opt out for "I cannot drive/do not own a car". A highly attentive and protective parent simply might not drive.

Sorry. I've conducted a lot of research into learning and parenting myself so can see where confusion might arise.

squizita Tue 27-Feb-18 21:02:44

Argh sorry last thing. Use of "appropriate" in your behaviours - some 'excessive' or 'inappropriate' behaviours vary by age. The wording might put off parents of developmentally average three year olds from being honest - it is expected for a three year old to be unable to delay gratification in a way that it is not for a 6 year old, for example.

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