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Baby in tummy pain

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77badabing Sun 04-Feb-18 10:49:31

Hi all. I need some advice. I have a boy born 28 weeks so he was in nicu for 3 months. I will try keep it short but some things may be relevant. He has a vsd which is medically managed with duretics.he has had 8 blood transfusions and always had a problem opening his bowels. Once home I struggled to bottle feed him ( couldn’t express) he would take about 20 mls and cry. He was admitted to hospital as they thought his not eating was to do with heart. Placed a feeding tube in. Would still cry when I fed him via tube. Got to stage he wouldn’t even take anything from bottle. During then after eating he would scream in pain. Gurgling... vomit. Consultant finally said it was reflux. Now on 3 lots meds for it. No change. Thought it was a milk allergy but my consultant said it wasn’t and because he is so tiny he needs to put on weight so force food in him!! I was completely uncomfortable with this and it took me 3 months to persuade consultant to put him on neocate. Instantly he stopped vomiting and pain eased slightly... been on neocate for 2 months now. But he even worse now. I actually have to hide the feeding tube from him as if he sees I’m feeding he screams and pushes milk back up tube. He also now screams when he sees me as he associates me with feeding so things I will cause him pain. I’ve begged my consultant to help and he just said it’s colic deal with it!! Can it be colic? He cries on and off as if his tummy is in agony about 9 hours of day. After every feed. Even tried serpositry to make him Poo daily incase of a build up in intestines. I can’t cope anymore. I can’t stand him being in so much pain. Asked to change consultants .. still waiting on verdict. Any advice please!!!! He is now 6 months old... corrected 3 months. Only weighing 9ibs. Any advice would be appreciated thank you

Callamia Sun 04-Feb-18 21:20:42

What is your consultant a specialists in?
If you’re not already, I think it’s worth being referred to a feeding and eating team. Your son’s feeding issues are hugely stressful for both of you, and I think a fresh opinion on this would be really helpful.
Good luck - it’s sounds like you’re doing a great job in challenging circumstances.

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