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New blogger - why are my blogs not showing up?

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TaleTimeStories Fri 02-Feb-18 21:11:37

Hello everyone
I am new to mumsnet and blogging and running a business (I still think i'm a new mum my son is 14 months but compared to those other things I'm old hat.)
So I joined the blogger because I started a blog and I put in the blog URL but I don't understand how I can publish my blogs? Is it automatic? Do I need to set something up? Do I post a link? I can't see any obvious system?
Please help - i've posted at least three since I joined, but none of them seem to be showing?

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thewanderlustingmuslimah Sun 04-Feb-18 09:02:29

I'm in the same boat! According to one post if you have twitter (I don't) you join the MN bloggers and tweet your link on there with #BOTD (blog of the day) and MN will pick it up that way.

I would like to know of any other ways?

CulturalWed Thu 22-Feb-18 15:39:24

Same here, used to work fine and then changed url from .com to and no more showed up. No way to change details. Have re registered but new posts still not showing. Grrr!

Dazedandconfused2 Tue 13-Mar-18 18:57:20

Hi there

I'm not sure how it works now, but there used to be a weekly thread in the talk that all the bloggers could add up their links, I'm not sure how it works now. I'll do some supersleuthing and come back to you.

Sam x

tryingtobethebestican Sat 17-Mar-18 15:20:41

If you post your link on here we can look at your site if that helps.

Zeitgei5t Thu 29-Mar-18 19:38:28

Hey I'm having the same problem. Joined last summer but no account link on the top when I log in just says 'join us'? Have just tried reregistering. Blog doesn't show up when I do a search.

EttieandMe Wed 11-Apr-18 13:23:11

Hi im in the same boat too sad tried to re-register a couple of times - the the point there are now three profiles for me, but none of my blog posts ever show up when I search for them - and my username isnt 'clickable' when I serch for it in the A-Z list??

Ive been BOTD a couple of times but this was through Twitter using the BOTD hashtag xx

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