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megan9483 Fri 26-Jan-18 11:38:16

Hi my names Megan I am a student and I’m currently designing a baby bath chair that provides them with all the comfort they need when parents are looking to chill out and chilly heir baby out before bedtime. The chair will be designed to evolve with your baby with different attachments that appeal to their age group.


I had a few questions about this topic and was wondering if anyone could get back to me it would be a lot of help to me in my product design process -
1. How easy is it to bath your baby before bed while also winding them down to sleep?
2. Does your baby enjoy getting a bath ?
3. If you could have one thing to help you while bathing your baby what would it be and why?
4. What do you currently use to bath your baby specifically including branding, different features the bath contains, what it’s like do you like it ?
5. If you have a baby bath with technological features what do you like about them and why and what would you change about them if you could?
6. If you don’t own a baby bath and just bath your baby in the sink or in the bath why do you do this what’s your reasoning behind it if not how do you feel about someone bashing their baby in a bath tub or a sink?
7. What does your baby do in a bath - do they play with toys or do you just put them in for a quick bath before bed ?

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