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Thoughts of blogging

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torij89 Fri 12-Jan-18 20:34:59

Hi folks,

I've been thinking of late that I'm wanting to do something with my writing skills and get back into the whole writing thing. I haven't had much time over the last 7 years to do much off my writing as I'd like,

So someone today had suggested trying blogging, but here's the thing I've never read anyone else's blogs never mind knowing what to write about or how they work, I am familiar with Antonella the uncensored reviewer on Facebook, she's the only thing close to blogging that I've been involved in.

I have often thought about doing one but not knowing anything about it has put me off the idea. I really would not know where to start or even what my subject(s) would be about.

Does anyone have any hints or tips to help me get started.

Thanks muchly

ChantelleKKK Thu 15-Feb-18 20:15:32

Just get started!
Sooner you start the better as your writing style and format of blogs will evolve
Try and use other social media platforms to plug and draw in readers to your work too

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