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I’m working full time whilst partner is a stay at home dad

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NMeillam Wed 10-Jan-18 07:43:09

Hi, I work full time and my parented is a stay at home dad, for financial reasons, and I’m struggling. Our boy has bonded more with my partner. He cry’s when he leaves the room when he’s left alone with me, but not the other way round (not like I want him to be upset at all you understand), and when I come home from work he runs away from me to my partner.
Is anyone else going through this or has been through this and they are on the other side??

Emabrmsca Wed 10-Jan-18 08:20:58

Hiya I have had the opposite happen. I am a sahm and partner works. My dd constantly wants to be around me wherever I am! However she is now 3 and she has started to go sit with her dad a lot more and follow him around too.
It's only because I'm the person she is constantly with and I do everything with/for her.

Don't feel bad though, your ds will grow out of it. I'd probably just carry on doing what you're doing but don't give it too much thought.

thingywingywoo Wed 10-Jan-18 08:38:32

Poster above is right.

I was working four days and DP weekends and while DC didn't show too much favouritism it was still very hard to go to work most days and come home so tired with nothing much for him. I coslept and breastfed when I got hone to maintain a bond.

I got pregnant again unexpectedly and now I am the one at home with DC all week as I am on maternity. The pregnancy hormones made it even harder for me to leave him so it was a huge relief to finally finish work.

Now he has become super clingy and won't let me out if his site! This is really tiring at 38 weeks!

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