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WHo are the best Irish and English bloggers that are parents?

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StayCalmMary Tue 02-Jan-18 05:16:48

I really want to follow more parents on Instagram. Finding it hard to relate to the girls I’m following now as they have such a different life. Would prefer some I can relate to?

Theaveragemummydiaries Mon 08-Jan-18 14:42:08

Hi. The best way to find people with similar interests to your self is to search for hash tags of things you are interested in or relate to your situation . For example #2under2 would be used by parents with 2 kids under 2 so would show people in that parenting situation. You can be creative in what you search to get very specific interests or be more generic such as #mumlife. I have just started my own Instagram as well so like you am trying to find like minded mums and find this way very useful.

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