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AndreaKaren123 Thu 07-Dec-17 16:19:54

Hello please can some help point me in the right direction to get help for my son at college? My son is 21. He has learning difficulties, ADHD and depression. He is at college, doing his level 2 brick laying. Or he was up until 2 weeks ago , when he was taken of it for shouting/swearing ... He was excluded for the rest of that week, when he back to college they put him on working skills, which he has done many times. When he was secondary school, they did not help him at all.. He walked away with no qualifications. He got very little help in infant/primary school.
College are trying to get him to do an apprenticeship etc. My son is not ready for this, I have told them many times. The college, have said some times his mood is low, which they assume is lack of motivation, which is not the case at all. Is there any one I can write to, to help my son ?
Thank you for your time and patience in reading this

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Tracey7675 Sat 30-Dec-17 19:25:12

Hi, I am I'm a similar situation as you and I'm fighting a loosing battle, and I've gone down every avenue that I can think of, my son is 12 and has ADHD, ODD, OCD, sensory interaction problems, anxiety, and sleep problems,this is a huge strain in his day to day living as it is ours, I've had Caf in place in primary which was promised to continue in secondary and hasnt, I spend most of my time at secondary rowing with countless teachers whom say he is a child with complex needs and he's very vunveranle and his anxiety is through the roof, Senco have had ed psychologist in whom say he needs one to one as he cannot transition from lesson to lesson without the OCD escalating and him spending most of his time in the bathroom washing himself which then gets him into trouble and leads to exclusion 😢He's spends his time crying and pleading with me to not send him to school then we have this domino effect of all his problems escalating, it's only been the last two weeks and knowing a councillor that I've heard about iaas, this is independent company whom help, they were appalled at the treatment of my son and I since learned there is no record of my son ever being excluded or that he is a child with complex needs, raging I was. They are taking my case on and are now applying themself for a ehc as I've done two in the last year and to no avail, maybe you could contact them to help your son and point you you in the right direction, I won't let my son be bullied by teacher or worse become a statistic as we know as parents these children need help, they don't set out to be badly behaved and it's it down to bad parenting which I read a lot of, it's down to schools colleges not putting the correct implement in place, So these children are cast aside hmmm not on my watch, if you go to your local council and get a councillor on board they seem to move a lot quicker, I'm lucky to know one personally and since i told her if the treatment within two days my phone rang off the hook except from the school, they didn't want to know, that is the most shocking they wanted my son they are a special needs school, but this is a year and half into my sons education and he isn't so far behind as their simple answer is exclusion, and now I face a panel in January, I've thought long and hard about this over the last weeks and I've come to a conclusion it would look better for them to permanently exclude, that's not happening my son isn't going back, I'm contacting offsted, and I will even go as far to the press, they have failed my boy, there was supposed to be a bahaviour plan in place a taf which is now an ehp, and not one person has done this, I've got an a4 ring binder folder a bit like this is your life, every letter email etc, it's as if the school just cannot be bothered or worse they don't like I prefer the latter. Maybe you can use iaas and get some advice and help with your son, sorry for the big rant.

AndreaKaren123 Sat 30-Dec-17 23:21:00

Thank you for your message. I am sorry for all that you and your son have gone through. I am pleased to read that some one is finally listening to you and getting your son help.
My son had about 10 minutes per day at infant and primary school. The school never understood. Secondary school was worse. I wish i knew then what I knew now.
Thank you for the information. I will certainly look into it. Happy New Year to you . Regards Andrea

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