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New to this need advice

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Redscouse86 Wed 15-Nov-17 14:31:17

Here goes i am a mum of 3 beautiful kids 10yr old 3yr old 15mth old has a serious heart condition and needs 24hr care with weekly check ups waiting for operations (not sure how many as yet the drs want her to get as big as she can before they take her in shes 15mths and in and out of hospital with different illness at the min) my husband has mild depression and a bad bk but at the minute (last 2 weeks ) he isnt bothered with the kids me or helping out i know its not his fault and i feel selfish for being mad at him but unless hes on his phone playing games or outside were theres noone then he sleeps or is moody i am at breaking point now between trying to keep things normal for my 10yr old and 3yr old and look after the baby i just dnt no if i can carry on like this anymore its not good for the kids hearing me and my husband having words all the time oh and i forgot were in the middle of moving house and so far i have tried to do most of it with only 2 wks before we have to hand keys bk

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