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Bullying in Sixth Form - when to intervene?

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mumside Thu 12-Oct-17 22:45:08

What a shame it is always the smart kids who get bullied. Tell him to go to the gym and feed him loads of protein, and soon the bullying will stop.

PaleAzureofSummer Mon 09-Oct-17 11:51:10

You could try posting on the secondary education or education board as it might not be seen by many people here.

fibo Sat 07-Oct-17 12:51:57

My DS has just started a new sixth form of an independent school. He is extremely bright and A* student, former head boy and without bragging was golden boy at his last school. He has gone to a very academic school which purports to having like-minded students etc. First few days were a bit daunting but after a few weeks seems to have been enjoying it and settled in well. He went to a “gathering” last night which included kids from his old school and new plus another local sixth form college. He said hello to a girl from his new school who was speaking to a boy also from the new school who turned and screamed f*'off to which this girl said "yeah f*'off nobody likes you"...he was with a group of his old friends too who heard this and he felt publicly humiliated. He was recalling the incident to another bunch of people which included a girl who has since left the new school who said "oh I've heard all about you and people say you’re a weirdo but I think you're quite nice" was this girl just joking I don't know? He is obviously upset and cannot understand why he’s been labelled a weirdo or why this girl from his new school was so abusive to him for no reason. I know he is very upset deep down. I said I would mention it to his tutor and he said no leave it as its will cause more trouble!. He is a nice looking, outgoing, friendly, kind lad and he cannot fathom why he was spoken to like this. My question is should I mention it to his tutor or do as he asks and leave it alone?

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