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Heads all over

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Hopey2510 Thu 07-Sep-17 10:27:32

I don't know what to do anymore I love my husband so much but all he does is put me down he also drinks between 6 - 8 cans of lager a night which causes massive arguments as I am petrified he ends up like his late father and his late brother who were alcoholics he never takes any responsibility for his self and blames me for everything we have 1 child together who has mental health problems I have thought about leaving him a lot but I have no were to go and I am scared

KnightMare Thu 14-Sep-17 00:02:00

Hi, I don't know if you meant to post in bloggers talk, but anyway, I was in a similar situation to you and somebody told me about leeway women's refuge. I left with my babies and was able to start again with lots of support xxx

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