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2 year old speech and hearing problems

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chark1992 Tue 22-Aug-17 16:58:31

My 2 1/2 year old boy has been diagnosed with glue ear and has been told he needs to wear hearing aids on both ears for 6 months until he can have surgery when he is older. His speech is very far behind and he has a lot of frustration and anger held up due to lack of communication. I firstly was wondering if anyone elses little ones have had hearing aids on due to glue ear....also has it made a massive difference to speech? Also any tips for getting him to keep them on?

Thanks smile

Ipumoni Fri 22-Sep-17 15:10:14

Glue ear is a middle ear condition where the middle ear is filled with sterile sticky fluid which causes conductive hearing loss,at the maximum hearing loss can be around 60 decibels but generally it's never this low,u can try to prevent him from getting nose block or have a check with gp regarding adenoids (most likely!),preferred treatment is initially wait and watch with a course of antihistamine with ambroxol to dry up the fluid and Surgically removing the adenoids if very large in size and blocking the airway behind the nasal cavity. But if this doesn't help then myringotomy with grommets help (will remove fluid and ventilate the middle ear). U can try talking to him directly without any background noise,if he goes to playschool he can sit in the front row,try to raise ur voice while speaking but avoid shouting.its good if you get a hearing assessment done coz sometimes a neural component (due to other cause)maybe be present when the hearing loss is significant.

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