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Hi Everybody

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Louise94 Sun 30-Jul-17 12:36:04

I have been thinking alot about having another baby but I have 4 already and I'm not 100% if I should have a 5th or not, I get a bit embarrassed because of my age and the amount of kids I have!! Just want to know other people's opinions?smile**

everyonesgotanopinion Thu 17-Aug-17 10:46:22

Hi Louise, other people's opinions aren't really relevant. Only you and your partner know if a 5th child will fit into your lives or whether it would be a bridge too far. Good luck and enjoy your family smile

Louise94 Thu 17-Aug-17 14:23:11

Well I'm pleased to say that I am pregnant with my 5th baby I'm so excited and I can't wait my partner is also happy 😁

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