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He will be always my half brother and who are you?

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Sofia2 Sat 15-Jul-17 13:28:52

It is not that you have to choose between your parents and your wife (and kids) or between your "half" brother and your wife and the kids but I am more then confident that my husband is emotionally instable person. His "half" brother is small criminal, never had a job, living on the social benefits and doing small criminals buisineess next to. He is almost 50 years old, devorced, unhappy with his teenager son who also doing nothing. And he just can not stand me. I was doing my best for the last 15 years, calling him to the dinners, kids birthsdays etc but for all this tima he has never invited me or the kids to something. I do not even know his address and he literary lives 30 min from us. But he regulary visit my husband in "our" office we rent, askimg my husband to his birthsdays etc. My husband always has some excuse or protect him when we even start any argument about him and always finishes that it is my fault why it is as it is. But the part that really hurts me is that my husband thinks this is normal relationship he has it with him and He would even go so far saying: he was and will be always my brother. No one argue about this but how about: you are my wife and these are our kids??

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