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WordPress or Google

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honeyharris Thu 13-Jul-17 08:55:46

Please forgive my newbie question, but which of the above platforms would you more experienced bloggers recommend in terms of usability, how easy it is to get followers etc? TIA

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HappyBunnyFran Sat 22-Jul-17 09:54:39

I've only ever used wordpress. I like the plug ins that you can download e.g. search engine optimisation and social media buttons. Really easy to use once you get going.

honeyharris Sat 22-Jul-17 13:45:58


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JessicaJones1 Wed 26-Jul-17 12:01:04

WordPress all the way! But I have blogs on both! Blogger is great for beginners and as a hobby blog but if you go professional I personally think WordPress is better!

takeitfrommummy Sat 29-Jul-17 08:05:44

I also love word press I find it really easy to use x

zanuda Fri 18-Aug-17 13:38:48

1. Did you mean google sites? I don't think a lot of people here used it
2. vs blogger - it's kind of the same. There are some more or less convenient things in both, that's why opinions are usually split almost equally.
3. Self hosting with wordpress (downloaded from, hostings usually do it themselfs) is the best option, but you have to pay for hosting.

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